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Complex homoeopathy offers therapeutic benefits whilst combining various ingredients and potencies. Modern health has changed over the years and thus the philosophy of healthcare has expanded to match its frequencies.


The synergistic action of our products enhances therapeutic efficacy without inhibiting its own activity. Each formula sharpens and develops the therapeutic response. Our harmonious combinations invite the body to utilise what it requires. The cells will cultivate what is needed for regeneration and anything deemed disadvantageous will dissipate. The route to good health is paved with impurities and we find that complex homoeopathy focuses the body gently in the right direction.


Fatty Acid, Noni and Bush Flowers


Xenobiotics – Detox Therapy

The Xenobiotic remedies address the ill-effects of a specific host of toxins and apply the law of homoeopathic neutralisation thus providing practical counteragents. Higher potencies are combined with lower potencies thus ensuring a ‘deeper’ result to the chronic level of toxicity, the miasm level and the acute or predisposed level.


The range of products include antidotes to the ill-effects of asbestos, chemicals, beauty products, industrial solvents, environmental toxins, waste materials, various metals including mercury amalgams and many more.  Read More


Liquescences – Nutrient & Organ Support

The combining of homoeopathic science with nutritional balancing techniques produces potentised micro-nutrients. Schuessler developed the concept of the Cell Salts in potentised form, as a means of treatment and prevention.


The Systems and Mineral Liquescence range focuses on the practical utilisation of homoeopathy for nutritional deficiencies and imbalances. The naturopathic community has long recognised homoeopathy as one of the strongest forces in healing as well being gentle and safe.  Read More


Vibracell, ImmiFlex and Himalayan Bath Salts

Treatment Remedies – Therapeutic Relief

Complex Homoeopathy is the art of combining ingredients and potencies and is the most popular type of homoeopathy used in the world today.


It is this branch of science that has created the renaissance in homoeopathic prescribing in the new millennium. Combination ingredients are chosen based on a symptomatic picture and the combinations are engineered to give a broad-based range of effectiveness.  Read More


Tissue Salts

The fundamentals of homoeopathy believe that health begins at a cellular level and this must be maintained so as to prevent disease.


In his biochemic theory, Dr. Schűssler, German physician & founder of tissue salts, analysed human tissues and found twelve inorganic substances in common. He studied imbalances between these minerals and links to diseases. Mineral deficiencies are the most common source of health problems therefore tissue salts derived from these minerals give the body what it needs to prevent and to treat illnesses.  Read More

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