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Migra-Cap Migraine Relief

Welcome to the future of migraine treatments: Migra-Cap®

A unique migraine solution also offering pain relief during pregnancy.

Developed by a Migraine sufferer for Migraine sufferers.


The Migra Cap® is unique amongst migraine treatments as it combines cold therapy and complete darkness to provide relief from the pain associated with a migraine and most types of headaches.


This 2-in-1 migraine solution is unique for any Migraine treatment product with the added benefit of being a one-off purchase. What's more, this drug-free product is also ideal for pain relief during pregnancy.


This migraine relief solution is one of the most innovative migraine treatments on the market - offering headache relief, soothing sports injuries and concussions, and providing pain relief during pregnancy.


Migraine Treatment

What is a migraine?

A migraine is a throbbing, intense headache in one half of the head. It can affect people of all ages. The cause of migraine is not known. During an attack, the blood vessels in the brain dilate and then draw together with stimulation of nerve endings near the affected blood vessels. These changes to the blood vessels are probably what cause the pain, but migraine headaches is a condition that is poorly understood.

What are the typical features of migraine?

People often use the word migraine to refer to headaches of many different types. So-called classical migraine attacks have several features:

    1. headaches that occur in bouts of between roughly 4 to 72 hours.
    2. the headaches usually affect one side of the head at a time, although both sides may be affected in separate attacks.
    3. the headaches are usually throbbing and worsened by normal physical activity nausea and/or vomiting
    4. preceding symptoms, called the 'aura' that most often are visual, such as zigzag lines or flashing lights across or at the edges of the fields of vision
    5. other symptoms can include sensitivity to light and sound, or non-visual aura such as a sensation of tingling in the body

Drug Free Relief

Migra-Cap helps to relieve pain and suffering by limiting exposure to the key elements that can prolong or enhance a migraine attack, remedies that utilise drugs such as Aspirin, Paracetemol and Butalbital can have side effects, consumption issues or even produce allergic reactions. More powerful painkillers eg Paramax, Migramax, Domperamol can require strict dosage guidelines and are often expensive to purchase.

Sports Applications

Migra-Cap can help to relieve pain and swelling caused by nearly all types of sports injuries. The Migra-Cap® can aid with the treatment and relief of pain, blows to the head and concussions.

The cooling effect can aid in the reduction of swelling and can help limit post concussion swelling or brain injury.


Useful Applications

The Migra-Cap® can also be worn by children, providing all of the relief factors children can receive treatment for headaches, falls or fevers without the need to medicate.

Migra-Cap has also proved successful in trials where over 81% of women found that it was an effective method of migraine relief. Migra-Cap can also assist in the relief of pregnancy and period pains.

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