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Medica Health International Ltd creates, manufactures, sources and introduces cutting edge wellness products and medical equipment, our leading range being Theragem Fusion Light Therapy. The key to optimum homeostasis is fusing ancient wisdom with present day science to produce a unique therapeutic modality which prepares the biological terrain on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, addressing both symptoms and root cause.


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In line with ongoing worldwide growth and demand for quality wellness products, we recently rebranded our entire range to provide an optimum lifestyle package of medically registered wellness products and certified training for every level.


Theragem ..

The Theragem T1005 Clinique is the perfect fusion of digital touch screen technology and ancient wisdom that has been passed down from generation to generation. Using naturally occurring wave frequency, colour, light and crystalline energies, your clients will benefit from homoeostasis on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. The Theragem T1005 Clinique is the chosen tool for medical professionals all over the world due to its non-invasive application and consistently effective results, time after time.


Assemblage Point ..

The Assemblage Point is the very centre of the human energy system, the point at which a vortex emerges and where life force energy is able to enter the electromagnetic body. For this reason, the behaviour, feelings and health of every person on Earth are directly affected by the Assemblage Point.

Beginning with gentle 20-minute sessions, Theragem prepares the biological terrain with Elation and Spleen Therapy and is followed by whichever protocol is required to address specific health conditions. Subsequently, an Assemblage Point Reconnection is performed. This process further enhances wellness levels and restores balance, granting access to the conscious and other than conscious mind, reconnecting them with the Higher Self and bringing forth a new dimension to healing. The resolving of old traumas ultimately grants peace in the body, mind and soul, as demonstrated in our thousands of world-wide testimonials.






Gemcups are at the heart of Theragem. The unique healing properties held inside each Gemcup differs from crystal to crystal, meaning that with a varied collection, you will be well equipped to treat almost any complaint, from migraines to eczema. At Medica Health, we ethically source only the purest gemstones from around the world, to harness the organic energetic power of each and every crystal. Our UK-based gem specialists carefully clean, balance and bless all crystals before they are placed into the Theragem Gemcups, handling them with cotton gloves to maintain each gem’s energetic purity.


acupuncture special light wands .. Acupuncture Special Light Wands: The Special Light Wands Acupuncture Set comes equipped with two wands, one being a short, thick wand, the other long and slim. This set will give you the opportunity to enhance focus and target particularly small points on the physical body, ensuring that the area receives the full healing potential of Theragem Fusion Light Therapy.


Theragen Star Pendant ..

The Theragem Star Pendant from Medica Health International Ltd, promises to shield and protect your body from harmful daily magnetic frequencies and place you back on the right path, positively affecting concentration, health and wellness, stress levels, chakras and energy as well as protecting you from the harmful effects of EMF pollution and reducing general fatigue.

These handcrafted Theragem Star Pendants contain living crystal elements, exotic minerals and healing stones from different continents. The stones are hand blended to create natural scalar waves and earth energy, which helps address weaknesses, discomfort and lack of balance. The aim of the pendant is to ground and harmonize the body against invisible electrical fields, microwave radiation and harmful frequencies..




Viofor System ..

The Viofor JPS System is a revolutionary pain relief device that has stunned thousands of people with how effectively it works, and how easy it is to use. Using a unique kind of pulsing electromagnetic energy known as magnetostimulation, Viofor JPS has had positive results for many conditions, including migraines, sports injuries, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and neurological disorders, as well as providing the recipient with all-round incredible health and wellbeing.




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