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Energy Psychology, Stress and the Body: In Defence of Self and Identity

by Phil Young and Morag Campbell

Published by  Masterworks Media. 2021. Paperback. £14.95 / $20.31.  ISBN-10 ‏: ‎ 0993346553


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Masterworks International is pleased to announce a new book on energy psychology, stress and its impact on the body. Our identity and the way we project ourselves in the world feeds a fundamental need for acceptance and recognition. Much of the stress we experience in life is related to the need to defend and protect our identity and sense of self.


In this book, International trainers and workshop leaders, Phil Young and Morag Campbell, explore the development of identity as it relates to the natural elements of ether, air, fire, water and earth, our states of consciousness, and the bio mechanics of the body, as well as from the perspective of our energy or life force, which although abandoned by modern science is still an essential influence on our embodied human experience. We create our identity from the alignment of our consciousness and energy with these elements as much as we do with our gender, occupation and other roles we play in life.


With over 30 years of experience working within the health care system of Polarity Therapy the authors present their own unique perspectives on the work of Hans Selye M.D. on stress, the explorations of Dr Lowell E. Ward and his spinal stressology, and Dr James Z. Said’s further developments on the ‘energy stress model’. 


Though based on aspects of Polarity Therapy, this book will appeal to anyone interested in the part identity plays in our lives, the chakra system, energy psychology, stress, and how they all impact the human body.


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