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Specialist Insurance Brokers for Health &
Wellbeing Professionals & Organisations

Balens Specialist Insurance Brokers

Established in 1950 Balens have been offering specialist insurance across the Health, Well-being, Fitness and Beauty sectors since the early 1990s and now insure over 100,000 clients.  Our teams have considerable experience in these fields enabling them to focus on guidance, support and service to our clients.


The insurance scheme offered through our Affinities team is one of the most comprehensive wordings of its type within the UK. Through David Balen’s teaching and Healing, colleagues in the Natural Therapy fields asked him to get involved in the early 1990s in setting up multi-therapy insurance schemes for Health and Well-being Professionals.  Such policies were not easily available to therapists at this time as the policies were more focused to those in the medical professions.  David worked on designing and refining cover that would meet the specific needs of Health and Well-being professionals, this is where our journey with these clients began.


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Established 1950
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