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Imagier Publishing was established in the UK 2008, for the purpose of publishing past and new works that express the depth and richness of esoteric streams of Christian spirituality. These ‘radical streams’, of which there are many, are important for they reconnect us with the ancient roots of Christian thought, which for almost two thousand years have been the source and inspiration for much of Western spirituality.


The inspiration of Allan Armstrong, Imagier publishes books that relate to the essence of that esoteric tradition – the interior life of the soul – with its spiritual values, traditional disciplines and religious experience. Allan seeks to work with authors who have dedicated their lives to the subjects they write about, and making their work available to readers is central to his mission.


The Sanctuary


We are pleased to introduce Allan Armstrong’s new website: The Sanctuary, the purpose of which is to act a focal point for members of the Order, and the Fellowship – a Study Society. One exciting news item is that Allan has started podcasting, see ‘podcasts’ on the menu headers of The Sanctuary.

If you choose to listen to Allan's podcasts, whose theme is the esoteric dimension of spirituality, then you can listen/download them on under the heading of ‘podcasts’. So far there are seven articles with two more in preparation.

You can also find them on Podbean, see: The Allan Armstrong podcast | a podcast by (,


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Audio Book Tales of Brother Marcus


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A Remarkable Encounter


I first met the old monk in the autumn of 1981. A work colleague invited me to a meeting of people interested in the esoteric. I had agreed to go but without expecting much from it. The truth was I was quite worn-out and too tired to get excited about anything, because for the last five years, and with no great success, I’d been wandering the world looking for genuine exponents of the mystical life. I had not long since returned from a fascinating but fruitless visit to India, where I had spent the best part of a year looking for an Indian holy man...


Allan Armstrong

AUTHOR  – Allan Armstrong

Born in the UK., Allan Armstrong, now retired, has had a varied career. He is married with two sons & four grandchildren. In 1975 he became a member of a religious order consisting of men & women, dedicated to living the contemplative life whilst dwelling in the secular world.

He has been a teacher of meditation since the mid 1980s. For much of his adult life he has devoted his time to exploring & developing an understanding of spiritual disciplines, including: prayer & meditation; symbolism; liturgical studies; mysticism & spiritual healing methods.




Crucible Books - Mail-Order Bookstore for New and Used Spiritual and Esoteric Titles


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Dear Esoteric Booklovers,

Many of you will know that I have published books for the last ten years under the banner of Imagier Publishing. Well, I am launching a new enterprise - selling both new and used spiritual and esoteric books under the banner of Crucible Books.

This is an exciting opportunity in uncertain times and your support will be much appreciated. I intend to issue an updated list of titles for sale every three to four months and I invite you all to sign up to receive a copy of the updated list and newsletter. We are an internet based mail-order business focused on buying and selling new and used spiritual and esoteric books.

Apart from new books, we recycle good quality used books and we invite you to get in touch if you are interested in selling a single book or a collection.


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