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Simplicity, Authenticity, Integrity, and Education

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Root Wellness Ltd
10 Lauder Court, Coldharbour, Milborne Port, Sherborne, Dorset
Clare G Harvey





ROOT was conceived through a specific desire to recreate the path to wellness.  In addition, to provide each individual with the knowledge and solutions to tackle some of the biggest health challenges we face today: a toxic environment, stress, life pressures, and unhappiness, among others. Thus, we combined the most brilliant minds with a philanthropic purpose to create a unique journey towards health and happiness for everyone worldwide.


Our founders have global, world-class succeass in business acumen, health, and wellness.  They belong to world-renowned international organizations that are amongst the best leaders in their various industries. Our inspiration and core values come from recognizing the different needs of humanity apparent in our world today. We came together to bring the best-in-class, superior products based on Integrity, Authenticity, Simplicity, and Education.  We lead with basic human principles of integrity, honesty, heartfelt service, trust, and truth.


“Better lives and better bodies.”


As a company, we have a common goal to act, exceed expectations, and fulfill the promise of equal opportunity in all areas for our customers and everyone associated with us.  As a result, we are creating fun, life-changing experiences while building a vibrant, supportive community.

The story of ROOT is just beginning.  We welcome you to become a part of that story.




RESTORE - A Simply Intelligent formula: Anti-ageing, Restorative and Regenerative

It’s not often you come across a unique formulation encompassing all aspects of health and well-being but in a class of its own. So what makes it unique?  QNET- a Quantum NanoEmulsion Technique. QNET is an innovative way to amalgamate ingredients through a nano-emulsion technique.  This is a novel delivery system that has never been done before; it’s original.  A combination of ancient medicine optimized with the latest, innovative, leading-edge techniques that ensure potency and ease of absorbability, allowing a synergistic balance that is second to none.


The main ingredients used, contain Resveratrol, black seed oil, turmeric, raspberry ketones, aloe vera, d-ribose and apple cider vinegar. Restore’s ingredients have stood the test of time in their efficacy of action, dating back thousands of years of use in ancient therapeutic medicine. Raspberry ketones induce brown-like adipocyte formation, increases skin elasticity, and promote hair growth by increasing dermal IGF-I production.


Zero In


Neurotransmitters plus Adapotogens = ZERO IN

Who would want a natural alternative to Serotonin and Dopamine?

An all-natural nootropic blend of five adaptogenic actives, (sourced from the highest quality ingredients available in the purest form) including two catalysts, that allow the gut to produce both neurotransmitters: dopamine and serotonin naturally. Created with, a further beneficial action of sending these neurotransmitters, directly to the brain to be utilized for optimum functioning. Three years in development this proprietary brain formula, designed by a Harvard scientist trained in nanotechnology bioengineering system, Dr Christina Rahm uses pharmacokinetics and bioscience to deliver measurable results with a serious impact on neurotransmitter uptake. Zero In (BSCG certified) now provides the answer to a natural alternative to synthetic stimulants.


Further Information

Contact: Tel: 01963 250750 or flowersenseinfo@googlemail.com  www.flowersense.co.uk

Available from https://therootbrands.com/rootsource : Referral Code: rootsource


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