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GEOVITAL Experts in Radiation Exposure Protection
Our natural health clinic in Austria discovered decades ago the detrimental effect radiation exposure in the home was having on our patients. The removal of radiation can be done in different ways and with different products/ingredients. Short term health improvements followed by long term issues was an unacceptable approach to us. We moved away from many mass produced products and solutions were redesigned and fine-tuned many times.


Geovital Chronic Infections


Infections kill millions of people every year.  Chronic infections, however, are widespread and most health professionals agree that everyone has them.  Most if not all autoimmune diseases have a chronic infection as a root underlying cause (see Pubmed). It has now been demonstrated in multiple studies that pathogens are affected by wireless communication systems and other types of electromagnetic radiation.


We developed our products according to naturopathic and geobiological standards whist ensuring the production process adhered to the highest standards. Our superior solutions have come from costly research which is unavoidably also reflected in the price, but an effect is therefor also practically guaranteed.


Geobiological Investigation


Geovital products appropriate for your situation can be best be ordered after a Geobiological investigation or bedroom assessment. Exceptions to these are our patented natural health mattresses with stretch-effect which can also be obtained from selected retailers and health care professionals.


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Radiation Protection

Why is radiation protection imperative in our modern environment? What types of radiation are there and how does this affect our health? Why is Geovital your best chosen partner to address these serious issues in a manner that does fit in a holistic natural approach to health for the long term?


The ether is filled with microwave radiation from mobile phone telecommunication, directional antennas, wireless, radio, TV, GPS, amateur radio, police, fire departments, aviation, radar, hotspots in cafes and restaurants, and all the local radio stations… this is probably the greatest source of man-made pollution today.


Radiation protection is not only useful; but unfortunately nowadays it’s a necessity!


Improved Building Design


Home Assessments for Radiation

The global team comprises of approximately 280 Building Geobiologist with extensive training in electrobiology and geobiology. Of these, most have a scientific background and come from different disciplines, including medicine, electrical engineering, physics, computer science and architecture. This interdisciplinary cooperation provides patients/clients with a solid and sound knowledge base to help analyse their electronic pollution or Geopathic stress exposure.


GEOVITAL consultants charges are reasonable for a home or bedroom assessment. Especially considering an assessment often takes between 2-3 hours! This way, anybody can afford to get have their home checked and receive very important insights into what may be burdening their health or recovery.


You can search for consultants in your area and the main Geovital office / school. If you find no consultants close by, please contact the Geovital office directly. We can then see if a consultant may be traveling to your area or we can organize for this to happen. Geovital directors and trainers are frequently flown around on customers requests and for lectures and presentations.

View online: GEOVITAL introduction brochure: Radiation-free living


Pre-Purchase Inspections

A home should protect the health of you and your family. It should not be a place that taxes your health and potentially harm your reproductive potential.


Every home is affected by radiation to some degree, whether that be from  man-made energies (electrostress) or excesses of natural radiation (geopathic stress). The problem confronting us today is that in too many homes the radiation, although at levels far below limits set by government, affects our health, vitality, immunity and fertility. Additionally, some types of radiation (electromagnetic fields from power cables) cannot be shielded against and while we can help you improve your home, purchasing a house with this problem is a potential disaster.


If you are looking at building, then the block of land you are looking to purchase should be investigated. You don’t want to build a home on a property that has unfixable problems. Power cables running up and down the street, even underground, can cause as many problems as the big high voltage power lines.


Buy or build your home with as few surprises as possible. Before you sign on the dotted line, check for radiation!




Geovital Mattress

Theravital Mattress with Amazing Effectiveness

The problem of electrically conductive mattress materials was first brought to light in Geovital’s research back in 1982. The effect of low and high frequency radiation was increased in most cases in mattresses made with metal spring systems, Latex, horse hair, memory foam, and silver threads as well as other materials.


The Academy was looking for suitable materials to recommend to patients so it carried out extensive testing in which more than 600 different mattress types were tested. To everyone’s amazement there was no material in use that met the high standards of the Academy in terms of being anti-static, anti-allergenic, toxin-free, having low electrical conductivity and high air permeability.


Spurred on by these findings, new techniques were developed to obtain the desired and appropriate core material. This was later enhanced by the participation of orthopaedic surgeons in development of the stretch-effect feature – a simple mechanical action with the aim of providing relief to those patients who struggle with joint and back pain. A simple mechanical action would convert the pressure on the nerve tissue into a relief bringing traction.


GEOVITAL Products: Healthy in the Long Term!

Shielding mesh
For external walls and roof areas, shielding mesh has been developed that is effective against high frequency radiation. Your Geovital consultant will gladly educate (tell) you about the materials and how to use them correctly. While many manufacturers and service providers rely solely on lab test reports, we know from years of experience what actually works for your health in a practical sense.

Shielding paint
Wall to wall radiation protection is achieved with Geovital T98 Alpha. This paint creates a highly electrically conductive layer which deflects or leads away radiation. This unique paint with its graphite base can simply be wallpapered or painted over.

Shielding mats
When radiation protection is incorporated into the flooring during construction, the home is protected from the outset against natural radiation. Geovital has over 30 years of reliable results in protection of sleeping areas and entire homes.

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