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highest quality blend promotes health and vitality

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Elementary - Superfood Supplement

Elementary - Superfood Supplement is a potent powdered blend of the highest quality superfoods rich in lignans, anthocyanins Omega 3, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, combined to promote digestive, immune system and cardiovascular health and overall vitality. The blend  is a source of protein and iron, is GMO and gluten free, suitable for vegans and diabetics with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. Elementary includes gluten free oat bran, organic chia seed, ground golden flax seed (linseed), organic acai berry powder, and organic gelatinized maca root powder.


Combined with a healthy lifestyle, the ingredients in ELEMENTARY VITAL help to:

  • Lower cholesterol and reduce risk of diabetes;
  • Improve metabolism and weight management;
  • Improve cardiovascular health;
  • Reduce constipation and improve overall bowel health;
  • Lower cancer risk and support the immune system;
  • Increase energy & stamina;
  • Improve digestive health;
  • Lessen the impact of ageing.
  • Contribute to healthy hair & skin


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Elementary Vital Ingredients

Gluten Free Oat Bran - British grown and produced on one of the few farms in Europe growing certified gluten-free oats. Health benefits of oat bran:

  • Lowers cholesterol; reduced risk of diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease;
  • Weight loss; Constipation and bowel health.

Golden Flax Seed (Linseed) - grown in the UK and cold-milled to a fine flour-like consistency for fast and complete absorption. Health benefits of golden flax seed:

  • Excellent source of omega 3, important for cellular health and immune function;
  • Aid for metabolism and weight control.

Lignans - a family of more than 20 compounds found in plant fibre. The fibrous wild plants we evolved to eat were packed with these crucial compounds, but very few are found in the more succulent plants we favour today. Golden flax seed is the richest food source of lignans.

Organic Acai Berries - from the Acaizeiro palm tree indigenous to Brazil’s Amazon basin.

  • Acai berries are a rich source of antioxidants (especially anthocyanins), fibre and healthy unsaturated fats. High levels of anthocyanins, giving Acai its dark purple colour, are potent antioxidants (linked to slowing down ageing) and support healthy cell growth.
  • Acai berries are rich in B vitamins, minerals, fibre, protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Acai powder has one of the highest ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) of all foods. ORAC is a unit value which determines the antioxidant value and potency of a given food.

Organic Chia Seed - (Salvia hispanica) in the mint family, Lamiaceae, native to central and southern Mexico and Guatemala. Chia seeds contain protein, essential fats and dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals and have high amounts of antioxidants, mainly phenolic compounds. The polyunsaturated fatty acids found in chia are on average 60% Omega 3 alpha-linolenic acid and 20% Omega 6 linoleic acid. Ongoing research on chia shows positive effects on blood lipids, blood glucose, inflammation, body weight and cognitive performance.

Health benefits of chia seed:

  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Satiety and regular bowel function
  • Antioxidants

Organic Maca Root Powder - Lepidium meyenii used by indigenous Andean populations for many years; they believe it enhances endurance, energy and hormonal balance. Maca is also known as Peruvian Ginseng due to the variety and density of its minerals: these include calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorous, magnesium, silica and zinc.


Great health shines: when you feel good, you look good.

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