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Simon France says

Welcome to Aquarius Flower Remedies


Many people are aware of the original Bach flower remedies created by Dr Edward Bach, especially his rescue remedy, but may be unaware of the development of these natural remedies into the many healing flower essence combinations that has occurred since.


We hope you will explore our site and discover some wonderful new healing flower remedies, seed essences, and flower oils all created with love and care.


Take a moment to see the care with which we create our essences and know that the same good faith and energy is inherent in every flower remedy we produce.

See how we make our natural flower remedies here.



Aquarius Flower


Conscious Intent


Here at Aquarius we claim that all our flower remedies are made with Conscious Intent, but what does that actually mean?


There is a two-way relationship between plant and human consciousness. The consciousness of the plant, captured in a flower remedy, is able to have an impact on our consciousness and our own consciousness is able to impact upon the consciousness of the plant and therefore the flower remedy. Bearing all this in mind we begin to realize that our own consciousness plays a role in the making of flower remedies. 


However, it is not only in the initial making of flower remedies, the preparation of the mother tincture, that our consciousness is influential but also the subsequent dilutions to stock and dosage levels. Since here at Aquarius we are producers of flower remedies we are diluting down our mother tinctures to the stock level of dilution for sale to the public. The consciousness contained in a mother tincture is transferred to the stock bottle of flower remedy in two ways. It is done physically by putting two drops from the original mother tincture in the 10ml or 30 ml bottle that contains a brandy/water mix. It is also done in a non-physical way by using the mind or conscious intent.


Aquarius Flower


As the drops of mother tincture enter the stock bottle I hold the image of the flower in my mind. Each mother tincture I have made contains a story that is remembered every time it comes out of the cupboard to make a flower remedy for sale - the place of making, the process by which the remedy was identified. This too is transferred to the stock bottle. The making of flower remedies needs to be done without any mental distractions – no music or radio and a mind that is not distracted by all the things a mind gets distracted by because the mind needs to be able to focus, with intent, on transferring the consciousness from one bottle to another. Conscious intent is a kind of meditation but also a kind of prayer. Conscious intent creates the atmosphere around which the physical act of making a remedy occurs.


The final act of conscious intent in making a flower remedy is its blessing. This can be done in a number of ways such as holding it in the hands, visualising it full of white light, saying an appropriate prayer. Here at Aquarius we place every flower remedies we make on a quartz crystal bed before it is sent on its way. This is our way of blessing each remedy we make.

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