Vicki McKenna is an Acupuncturist

A Balanced Way of Living

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Glasgow, Scotland
Telephone Number
0141 427 4644

Vicki McKenna
BA Lic Ac trained as an acupuncturist at the College of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture in Leamington Spa with Professor Worsley from 1981, gaining her Lic. Ac. in 1984.



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A Balanced Way Of Living

Vicki McKenna's wonderful book is an ‘inside out’ way of thinking about and managing PPS. Her practical strategies and holistic approach encourages even Type A polio survivors to slow down and listen to what their bodies, hearts - and even souls - are telling them: "Do for yourself as you have been doing for others." A Balanced Way Of Living is unusual because it includes dietary, natural and alternative therapies for PPS plus a unique Eastern view that outlines meditation, breathing and yoga as PPS treatments. The book is clearly and sympathetically written by a polio survivor who is also a acupuncture therapist and includes many case studies. By following McKenna's strategies, polio survivors cannot help but feel better, inside and out. To purchase A Balanced Way Of Living please visit

Vicki has been practising acupuncture in Scotland since then and may be contacted on Tel: 0141 427 4644;

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