Personal Stories - 1 - Breast Cancer: There Must Be Another Way!
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Breast Cancer: There Must Be Another Way!

Cindy said: “Something happened on 29 August 1994. I was 34 years old then. Dr Singh, my surgeon, told me that I had ductal carcinoma of the left breast. That news hit me hard in my face.”

It was indeed my privilege to be able to meet Cindy on 1 August 2006. We chatted for almost four hours. This interview was actually a part of our on-going research to find out what lies beneath the success of every cancer survivor. As of this date, Cindy is leading a healthy life without any recurrence or metastasis. Everything went well right from the very beginning. It was 12 years ago that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The following are some excerpts of our conversation:

Cindy: I just had a lumpectomy. The doctor said: “You need to come back for more surgery. The margin was not clean.” He then went on to tell me that it was not only my left breast. If possible the right breast also – OUT! I said to him: “Doc, I am not coming in for any more surgery.” His reply to me was: “Look, don’t be silly. You are still young.” I was really sure that I did not want to go for surgery. I did not want to go for radiotherapy or chemotherapy. No, none of these.



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