Mind Matters - 1 - A Walk Through Robin's Brain
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A Walk Through Robin's Brain

The following story is an excerpt of a taped dialogue between cancer patient, Robin Jones and his physiotherapist, Mary Douglas. It was taped at St Catherine's Hospice in Crawley, Sussex on 5 September, 1992. It was Robin's desire to record some of the discoveries he made during his recovery from a brain haemorrhage some 7 years previously, first in re-learning how to speak and later in the control of cancer pain.

This seems to me to be a natural point to maybe go into another area of discussion about how you discovered, in the human brain, or had a glimpse of these tremendous abilities that are not used. Do you want to give a little bit of background about the operation?

Well, we can start from the very beginning if you like. I'd been at work all day and hard at it and I was going to a B.P. Oil dinner in the evening with some friends in Brighton. So I rushed home, jumped in the bath, started to scrub, jumped out again and just started drying myself off. Then all of a sudden everything started to go red, especially over the left eye – like a red shadow was coming down quite quickly – and realising something was terribly wrong, called Judy, my wife, in the kitchen and said, "Please, you must get me to a doctor straight away" which she did and luckily, Dr Allen realised immediately there was something drastically wrong.



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