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ZEOLITE - Nature's Heavy Metal Detoxifier

by Dr Howard Peiper

listed in nutraceuticals

[Image: ZEOLITE - Nature's Heavy Metal Detoxifier]

Just when you thought you knew all there is to know about detoxification, it’s good to know that Mother Nature has yet another trick up her sleeve in the form of the mineral Zeolite. This is a well researched mineral which may hold the key to the successful detoxification of your client. This simple yet precise
booklet is ideal for the therapist who would like to expand their use of minerals as a cleansing tool.

An effective introduction highlights the necessity of protection from our pollution riddled world. Its mention of the sheer volume of harmful pollutants with which we come into contact daily is enough to make your hair curl, and all the information given is backed by well researched evidence.

Like something out of a science fiction film, Zeolite has a rather unusual name and could be mistaken for yet another cure-all. But this mineral is not only well researched, but has also been used successfully since 1997 to treat an array of illnesses. Its first role was in fact in Industry for use in water purification, air filters and cigarette filters amongst others. The more you discover how it works, the more you are convinced of its validity. Zeolite is in fact a volcanic mineral and its strength lies in its ability to absorb unwanted substances such as gases, petrochemicals, heavy metals and low-level radioactive substances. This is due to its honeycomb structure of ducts and cavities to which unwanted substances bind. The structure is rich in positively charged ions which are displaced by heavy metals such as cadmium and mercury. The toxins thus become tightly bound and are wholly excreted from the body.

Its ability to absorb nasty substances gives it precedence for the treatment of conditions involving heavy metal overload in the body. Zeolite also buffers the system towards slight alkalinity and could thus help in conditions of body acidification. The mineral is also known to bind to a range of mycotoxins produced by fungi, is also a potent antioxidant and has been used in the treatment of cancer. Evidence suggests that Zeolite has an ability to halt the growth of tumours by its indirect suppression of growth signals. It can also prevent the replication of viruses and enhance immunity by its removal of toxins from the body. Some of you may also be pleased to hear that it is also a great hangover cure, as it absorbs the toxic by products of alcohol metabolism.

The potential of this million year old volcanic deposit is mind boggling and doesn’t stop there. Everything from rheumatism to fungal infections could do with a dose of Zeolite. All jokes aside, the mineral has actually produced excellent results with the treatment of diarrhoea. Although this may not be treated regularly in clinic, it is nonetheless a worldwide killer and any significant cure is welcomed. Zeolite can also be used to treat diabetes through its stabilization and decrease in blood sugar level, and also has a role in the alleviation of wound healing, depression, insomnia and kidney infections.

The booklet discusses the best way to administer Zeolite and whilst liquid injections can be given, the mineral is in fact best given as a powder in capsule form. Research on the safety of Zeolite has concluded that there is no danger of heavy metals leaking from the mineral once taken internally. It seems that the trace levels of heavy metals found are locked into the molecular infrastructure and cannot be broken down.
The publication concludes with research data conducted on Zeolite which is helpful if you wish to delve even deeper into its cleansing properties and their validity. All in all, the booklet is an uncomplicated insight into the true potential of minerals, and is a must if you would like to expand upon the potential of your prescribed cleansing regimes.

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