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Water & Salt: The Essence of Life

by Dr Med Barbara Hendel and Peter Ferreira

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[Image: Water & Salt: The Essence of Life]

Water and Salt: The Essence of Life, despite opening with the theory of evolution, is a wonderful scientific exposé of water types and salt types and their effects on health and healing. The geometric crystalline structure of pure water and Himalayan crystal salt are contrasted very favourably to the ordinary domestic water supply and industrial grade sodium chloride (common white table salt).

The book delves deeply into the study of biophysics, ‘the realm of living energy’, in the examination of the crystalline structure of water and salt. The body is approximately 80% water and the authors explain that geometric crystalline structure, with its high silica content, is what determines water uptake and utilization and, therefore, the potential for, and the generation of, bio-electrical energy.

The crystalline structure of salt is of primary importance in the cellular uptake and movement of water and if the structure of the water and salt available to the cell is not appropriate, then life energy and its information cannot be effectively communicated. The authors differentiate biochemistry from biophysics and explain that the optimum energy state is what brings about movement and healing. They show clearly that water, salt, food, thoughts and words are energetic information carriers – the essence of the biophysics concept. Energy creates matter and the body is being continuously created (repair and growth). They go on to verify that what we know as ordinary tap water and white table salt are not only incapable of supplying our energy needs, because the required crystalline structure is not there, but they take from nutrient stocks in order to be handled by the body and eliminated.

Scientific trials are quoted which compare the world’s most pure and energetic water, Fiji water, and Himalayan crystal salt, with its full compliments of minerals and elements, to tap water and industrial grade sodium chloride (common white table salt). The results are impressive and are very similar to small trials I have carried out with my course students, using kinesiology testing of different water and salt types.

The authors state that food and water have to be vital and living for them to be a source of usable energy. Water and salt, the primary elements of all life, are inseparable and salt is described as the white gold of the earth. The combining of salt and water produces a unique ionized product, different to, and over and above, the sum of salt and water, which when saturated (26% salt saturation level or holding optimum energy/information), the authors call sole (pronounced so-lay). Specified daily amounts of sole are recommended but it is the regular intake of the sole that ensures the availability of consistent energy information. The word sole means ‘liquid sunlight’ or ‘liquid light energy’. This sole is not only a life-giving essential daily nutrient but also the Rolls Royce of natural medicine for internal and external dis-ease states. Sole redresses imbalance and restores over (hyper) or under (hypo) deviations from the norm. It also initiates cellular detoxification.

Sole can be used in too many ways to list, but about a third of this wonderful book is given to examples of using sole therapy and some examples sited are a sole bath, flotation tank, nasal wash, eye bath, sole-wrap, body peel, face mask, application for warts and athletes’ foot, insect bites, throat gargle, salt sachet application and steam inhalation. For those with knowledge of herbal remedies and essential oils the potential combination with sole is a wonderful opportunity for creative enhancement of therapy.

Sole can be used as a base for natural cosmetics, and because of its alkaline and antiseptic properties sole is useful in dental hygiene. Crystal salt lamps and salt ionizers help neutralize positive atmospheric ions and generate a natural and peaceful atmosphere similar to that found at the sea shore. If ever there were a time in history when such items could be useful, it is in the electro-polluted buildings of the 21st Century.

Water & Salt: The Essence of Life is a well referenced book with index, glossary, literature and contacts list. It is
beautifully presented with superb colour photographs and a wide margin which is excellent for cross referencing.

Vivienne Bradshaw-Black
Natural Resources

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