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Wake Up to Health in the 21st Century

by by Steven Ransom

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[Image: Wake Up to Health in the 21st Century]

This new guide to health by Steven Ransom invites us to 'wake up' to modern day deceit and gullibility, which encourages us to believe the national media - when they tell us that conventional medicine provides us with all our needs. Of course it doesn't! The book sets the record straight and is written in such a clear and comprehensive way it will appeal to the family of the 21st century.

The author himself is part of a team of authors at Credence Publications who Campaign for Truth in Medicine. This book adds to the set of books already produced by this company whose aim is to reveal the inadequacies of conventional medicine and the lies in the media.

Ransom declares in his introduction that he will "empower" the reader to take responsibility for his/her own health – and this, indeed, he does. By the end of the book, the reader has the information available to make their own choices.

'The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is strictly to limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion…' [Chomsky says] and Steven Ransom, in writing this book, is to expose the myth played out by the media, that vaccination and antibiotics are the answer to all our health woes.

In the chapter on vaccination, it is suggested that in the absence of a religious population, the medical profession has become the new religion – "our worship is merely being given to another god…" [Clerc]. Ransom provides us with a brief history of Edward Jenner, the 'discoverer' of the smallpox vaccine. This anecdotal section of the book is very 'light' to read and offers quite profound insights into the history of vaccination – even for established natural practitioners. It serves to reinforce the idea that vaccinations only precipitate many diseases and in the words of Dr Walter Hadwen, a critic at the end of the 19th century…

"As a medical man I look upon vaccination as an insult to common sense…"

Figures which show evidence of a high death rate in the 18th/19th century, Ransom says, are due to bad sanitation, therefore a subsequent decrease in deaths, hereafter, are due to an improvement in sanitary conditions, not vaccinations. By the end of this chapter, the reader will have been provoked into a sense of 'rightness' about the arguments against vaccinations.

Similarly, the anthrax vaccine which has hitherto been a routine for any soldier serving overseas in warfare, has been refused by many soldiers recently. "Troops fear the jab more than germ war…" according to the Scotland on Sunday newspaper. This book is striving to reinforce public opinion which is increasingly against vaccination.

"If we are to wake up to health in this new century, then we must also wake up to certain power bases at work" These are the same power bases which slaughtered thousands of cattle during the foot and mouth crisis. The chapter entitled Mad Cows and Other Delusions cites propaganda over BSE, Swine Flu, Bird Flu and the foot and mouth crisis. There is a suggestion of a "drive to institute some sort of global control over our planet...should we shut our eyes, and hope for the best?" No, says Steve Ransom.

"We must wake up to certain assaults upon the mind that are producingirrational fears…"

The second half of the book addresses the question of 'germ theory'. It dispels this theory and offers advice on maintenance of our own health by increasing our understanding. It also argues against antibiotics or "anti-life" drugs as he calls them. This is conveyed by the use of excellent sources. What makes this book such a convincing read is the inclusion of so much factual information backed up from credible sources and publications. "sensible living, sensible health education, sensible diet and God's preserving grace are the keys to healthy living." Steven Ransom concludes his book with a plan to a healthy life and advocates that your conscience must be your guide.

A full list of other books at the back of the book allows the reader to make selective choices on further reading. Ransom mixes up his writing with eye catching headlines and quotes in a very chatty, easy to read style.

This is an extremely comprehensive guide to health in the 21st Century and a 'Wake Up' Call to us all. This is another excellent book from Credence publications.

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