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The Theory and Practice of Taiji Qigong

by by Chris Jarmey

listed in chi energy martial arts

Twenty years ago many people had not even heard of Taiji or Qigong.

Today it is known to many people. It has been an explosive development in the western word. I believe that it is now difficult to find a big city that does not have a Taiji or Qigong teacher. It seems that this art of moving fills an empty space in our fast moving stressed way of life. With the increasing popularity more and more books are also being published.

The latest book on the market is The Theory and Practice of Taiji Qigong by Chris Jarmey.

The book is divided into three parts:1. The Theory of Qi and Qigong2. General Principles of Qigong Practice3. The 18 Movements of Taiji Qigong

In the first part the author gives an explanation of what Qi and Qigong are. He does that very well. I have been practising and teaching Qigong seven years myself, and I felt that he was very clear and thorough in his explanation. My advice to a beginner is to read this chapter without trying to understand everything. It will be much easier to understand after some time with practice.

Part two also has valuable information both for beginners and more advanced practitioners. It shows that the author really has knowledge and expertise in the subject. I would advise everybody to read this chapter thoroughly before they start to practice.

When it comes to part three, I must say that I can not compare this Taiji and Qigong movement with other Taiji and Qigong systems. Every master in this art agrees that one system is not better than the other. What is important is how much and with what attitude you practise.

The most positive things in this chapter are the drawings. Compared to many other Taiji books they are very easy to understand and follow.

My only concern with books like this is: Who will use them? By 'use them' I mean who will really start practising Qigong with a book. Even when you are an inspiring teacher, you will experience that not very many will make these exercises a part of their lives and practice every day. With this book it is really possible. So, if anybody starts and continues to practise after reading this book, please let me know.

Per Oden
Published by Lotus Publishing

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