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The Smile Method - How to Avoid Expensive, Painful and Disfiguring Gum Surgery and Dentures

by Vasilios Gardiakos

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[Image: The Smile Method - How to Avoid Expensive, Painful and Disfiguring Gum Surgery and Dentures]

It is always refreshing to read a book written from the patient's side of the dental chair. The oral health message is a very important one for not only an individual's dentition but also for their general health. Vasilios Gardiakos enthusiastically addresses this in his introduction and reinforces the individual's respon-sibility to pursue an oral hygiene regime which effectively maintains oral health. A visit to the dentist and hygienist twice or three times a year will not make up for ineffective cleaning of the oral cavity in the intervening period.

The book is divided into 17 easily readable parts or chapters. The author adequately describes gum disease, its aetiology and progress in straightforward language for the lay person with the aid of some helpful diagrams. He describes various cleaning techniques such as brushing, flossing and oral irrigation with and without the use of dentifrices (toothpastes) and mouthwashes. His main treatise is the use of deep (application) irrigation to periodontal pockets using the Vitapick which he has designed along with the tried and tested solutions of salt and Hydrogen Peroxide. The Vitapick is a small narrow bore syringe with a stainless steel blunt needle which is bent at 45 degrees to facilitate its insertion into the mouth and between the teeth to access the deep periodontal pockets for irrigation. This is not as easy as it sounds in the book and it is essential to have a well illuminated mirror mounted very near a sink (the salt and hydrogen peroxide solutions are not pleasant tasting and should not be swallowed).

From the accompanying advert with the book all but the sink can be supplied along with a Spandex lip and cheek retractor and a dental mirror for another $90. Cleanliness of the Vitapick over a long period of time is a worry with the system. As a dental professional I would not like to see my patients use this system without first discussing it with me. I was pleased to note that the author feels that it is an advisable course of action to involve one's dentist while using the Smile method.

American texts may not traverse the Atlantic too well where commonly used words have a different meaning when read 5000 miles away and a reader in the UK must appreciate this. There is a good index and list of references. Some medicaments (such as antibiotic pastes and tablets) are not available over the counter in the UK and hydrogen peroxide solutions are normally bought as 10 vol. solutions. Much of the information and advice given in the book is already in the public domain. The author's enthusiasm for communicating the importance for an individual oral health maintenance programme has to be applauded.

* The Smile Method can be obtained from Albrite Inc PO Box 1095, Crystal Beach, Florida 34681 USA.Tel: 001 727 781 5111; Fax: 001 727 787 9642. Email:

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