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The Art Of HVT DVD

by by David Lintonbon DO PG Cert (Clin Ed)

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[Image: The Art Of HVT DVD]


This video was originally produced in 2004 and optimized for Windows 1998. I was unable to play it on my Mac [latest version] but my Windows 7 machine had no problems other than being slow to load. The video had been put together systematically with all the relevant information easily accessible.

The subject of the video is purely the HVT (high velocity thrust). This type of technique has been in existence probably for thousands of years and in all cultures. Bonesetters are traditional in India and China and in the Middle Ages there was even a Bone Setting Guild. In modern times Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and even some Orthopaedic specialists have employed similar techniques; Chiropractic, Maitland and Cyriax.

Linonbon’s techniques are osteopathic in origin. In the public imagination going to the osteopath involves have your bones put back, or clicked into place. However the HVT is often only a small part of the treatment and many osteopathic treatments do not involve this procedure at all.

He acknowledges the master technician, Laurie Hartman of the British School of Osteopathy (BSO) and he shows in the videos what a confident and accomplished operator he is. Having myself trained and come into contact with some excellent exponents of the HVT including the late John Wernham and Mervyn Waldman and seen Laurie Hartman in action, one appreciates the contribution of such pioneers.

The purpose of the procedure is to free joint adhesions such as those that occur in the intervertebral region, the facets, which in turn can affect the nervous system causing muscle tightness, pain and even organ dysfunction. He also covers the limbs including the wrist, feet and elbows.

Lintonbon is clear as to when and why the techniques should be used and when they should not be used. If applied properly the techniques are very safe, as is reflected by the relative low cost of liability insurance for the osteopathic profession. The one area of concern with these manipulations is in the upper cervical region where there is a risk, albeit very low, of precipitating stroke and damage to the vertebral artery. Despite this, the risks are very low indeed and patients are evaluated beforehand to determine if there are any signs of pathology that puts them at risk.

The osteopathic version of HVT involves the high velocity low amplitude thrust that employs long levers. This means that the thrust is not directly onto the joint and less force is employed. A well-executed technique involves minimal force and is therefore not traumatic.

The DVD is called the art of HVT; in explanation of how this an ‘art’, Lintonbon shows that variations of anatomy and physiology due to gender, age, health and history of the patient requires these techniques to be applied with a degree of individuality. This is where the palpatory skills of the therapist are important. I sometimes think of the similarity between the skills required to perform an HVT to those required to make a tennis shot where body position, movement of the racquet arm and the feel of the ball on the racquet are important in determining the success of the procedure.

The DVD is comprehensive showing techniques for the axial and peripheral joints. This includes the ribs (axial) and the carpals and tarsals (peripheral). Each procedure includes the examination of the joint, the demonstration of the HVT procedure, with caveats such as contraindications and structures to avoid such as arteries and nerves and a printable summary.

So whom will this DVD benefit? As an experienced practitioner I find it useful to review what I do and how I do it. Most of the techniques are identical to those I learned at college; this DVD gives me the chance to iron out any bad habits I may have picked up. In addition a few of the techniques are variations on ones that I use or are even new to me. The DVD would also be useful for a Chiropractor or other Manipulative therapist in seeing variations of techniques that they use, giving them alternatives. This would also be very useful for a Medical practitioner to show the scope and sophistication of HVT procedures.

The disc would be of no use however for the layperson. This is a case of ‘do not try this at home’.

All in all although this is a useful tool It has its limitations. The context of the use of the techniques is not covered to any great depth, and in themselves these therapeutic methods are of limited use. In the context of a skilfully applied treatment programme however, they can be life changing.

One area I feel should have been given more emphasis is on how the practitioner should use his or her own body. It is apparent from some of his instructions and viewing his demonstrations that he is skilful in this regard. The best technicians that I have come across in the profession often have had experience of disciplines such as Alexander Technique or Martial arts. Such skills allow the technique to be delivered in the most economical, accurate and least traumatic manner. A skilfully executed HVT allows the patient to relax with the procedure and recover very quickly.

Lintonbon’s delivery is simple clear and precise. I found his pronunciation of some of the technical terms at odds with the way I was taught but this is a minor matter. Many of the technique videos were filmed from a consulting room with a rather good view of the river (Thames I presume) and the occasional passing vessel proved a little distracting.

The videos do a good job of illustrating the techniques, including precise instructions as to the direction of the application of the forces with an explanation of the anatomical reasons. All in all, a worthwhile and professional piece of work. For most of us, this will be a valuable reference tool. It would be useful for this to be redone in a more modern format where the information can be accessed more quickly and easily.

Finally for those of you who are not manipulative therapists, do look at the DVD, I am sure you will find it interesting, but do not try this at home! 

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