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Take Off Your Glasses and See - A Mind/Body Approach to Expanding your Eyesight and Insight

by Dr Jacob Liberman

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[Image: Take Off Your Glasses and See - A Mind/Body Approach to Expanding your Eyesight and Insight]

Dr Jacob Liberman was a practising Optometrist in the mid-1970s, when he realized that conventional beliefs were keeping millions of people locked into limited eyesight and limited self-awareness. He began to realize that the conventional vision care that he had been taught was designed not to treat or heal vision problems, but simply to mask their symptoms. He realized that these symptoms were not just random.

They were urgent signals that something in the body/mind was out of balance and required attention. In 1976, he experienced a dramatic improvement in his own vision, which laid the foundation for him to assist thousands of others.

Jacob Liberman is considered a pioneer in the therapeutic use of light and colour and their relationship to human consciousness and personal transformation. After healing his own vision from a lens-dependent 20/200 to normal, he realized that the eyes are merely a holographic focal point within an infinitely large receptive field. After thirty years of experience with thousands of people, he has demonstrated that eyesight improvement is within the reach of virtually everyone.

Take Off Your Glasses and See shares an expanded view of vision and guides the reader on a journey towards discovering what it truly means to see. Have you ever wondered why so many people wear glasses? Have you been told you have to wear glasses forever and that there is no natural way to improve your vision?

Dr Liberman's book addresses the most important issues about vision and seeing. Questions like: What is vision? How do we see? What is the relationship between sunlight, the eyes and the brain? What is the energy from the sun that we call light and how does it relate to our life force?

Dr Liberman feels that the most significant factor in natural vision improvement lies in understanding the workings of the mind, not the eyes. The way we think actually determines the way we see. Something as simple as a shift in awareness is capable of instantaneously transforming our vision.

Dr Liberman has helped thousands of individuals reclaim their visual birthright and feels that poor eyesight is often related to emotions, beliefs and the stresses of everyday life.

Eye doctors tell us that 90% of the population will have to wear glasses at some point in their lives. What's more amazing is that many people with 20/20 eyesight unknowingly suffer from visual problems that significantly affect their lives, but are not picked up by the conventional eye examination.

In part 2 of his book, Jacob Liberman shares vision exercises that strengthen the eyes, expand awareness and gently allows us to reduce our dependency on eyeglasses. By training the eyes, we can begin to expand how we see and in the process discover who we truly are.

Dr Liberman discusses the theories and concepts of how vision works and its connection to the rest of the body, whilst also discussing in detail the concept of 'Open Focus' in which one breathes and relaxes and just allows the visual experience to be felt.

The glasses we are prescribed and told will correct our vision in most cases only mimic our own energy field contraction. Glasses prescribed for near-sightedness make the world smaller and closer, bringing it in to where our energy field has already contracted. This only causes us to contract further which translates into more nearsightedness.

Jacob feels that as we expand, every aspect of our perception will also expand. Eventually, we will see that our physical senses may in fact be the smallest aspect of an infinite receptive field we live in. Awareness that we are often communicating with each other on non-verbal levels will soon become commonplace.

The main problems with our educational system is that it is based on cramming information into the mind rather than learning things by heart, which allows us to experience the aspect of ourselves that knows everything.

Jacob feels that vision is not primarily a receptive process, but a projective one where creating your own reality literally means that you project from the mind's eye your ideas about life. Jacob has actually measured the light coming out from people's eyes, and has found that each person's light emanation is unique.

To Jacob, addiction is everything we do to avoid feeling what we are feeling. The major addiction for humans is habitually escaping into the mind to avoid being present. Healing vision requires presence. A simple idea that is almost impossible, because we have been so conditioned. When we experience true presence, problems often cease to exist, allowing us to really see. This book is a roadmap for that journey.

Further InformationReaders can purchase Take Off Your Glasses and See from or;Positive Health will be publishing a feature article of Dr Liberman in Issue 81 (October '02).

Alison Demarco
Three Rivers Press

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