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Places to Be - A compendium of transformational holidays and places to 'just be'

by Jonathan How

listed in retreats and travel

[Image: Places to Be - A compendium of transformational holidays and places to 'just be']

This little gem of a book is for readers who seek a wider choice of holiday or retreat venues than simply bed, beach and sea breezes.

Included are over one hundred venues which offer short breaks, holidays, workshops, courses, retreats, with a variety of accommodation and food services, ranging from self-catering, bed and breakfast to vegetarian and organic food.

Each entry includes the full address, telephone, fax and email contact details, a description of the venue, the type of accommodation and catering facilities on offer, what type of events and activities are available, and any particular spiritual orientation of the centre.

Divided into several sections, first by region, the book includes venues in Scotland, North of England, East Anglia, Midlands, Wales, South West England, South East England, Holiday and Tour Operators and venues outside the UK – France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Turkey. The majority of the venues included are in the UK.

As well as some of the more widely known centres – Findhorn Foundation, Gaunts House, The Grange, Grimstone Manor, Life Foundation, Runnings Park, Samye Ling, Schumacher College, Skyros, there are an amazingly diverse and enticingly attractive centres that I had never heard about. For example, Wood Norton Hall is a Georgian Country House in Norfolk, with twin, double and family accommodation, has a sauna and a self-catering flat. Quiet and secluded, it offers guided group and individual retreats, own course programme, specializes in body and breathwork, counselling, group and inner process, self expression, stress management and exploring creativity, and its spiritual orientation is Subud.

The latter 20 or so pages of the book include a series of indexes – bed and breakfast, retreat seeker's, workshop seeker's and venue seeker's – with information presented in tabular format, referring to where that particular venue is featured in the book

This is an unusual guide and may offer readers a choice of very different things to do, particularly if they are stressed and stuck in their lives.

To order this book Tel: 0800 0830451

Sandra Goodman PhD
Coherent Visions

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