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Inside You The Twenty Four Lights - Based on the System of Tibetan Pulsing Healing

by by Anna Moulsdale

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[Image: Inside You The Twenty Four Lights - Based on the System of Tibetan Pulsing Healing]

I was very excited to have the opportunity to read and review the book Inside you: The Twenty-Four Lights.

Since 1994 I have been a full time holistic therapist working with 1000s of clients over the years. I have worked and studied many healing systems from the Shamanic to the Angelic, from Astrology to Raindrop Therapy during this, and other incarnations.  I have focused much of my work on the 15 chakras system which are likened to ‘valves’ within the body and its aura. These also relate to mind body and spirit being balanced in order to facilitate natural healing. As an Aromatherapist I have always used natural vibrational tools in my work as a Healer. I also recognize the influence of the cosmos and astrology on us all, and was impressed to discover that the Tibetan Pulsing system acknowledges this too.

I have read and referred to many mind/body/spirit books over the years, including Inna Segal (who has written a lovely paragraph for the forward of 24 Lights); Debbie Shapiro, Louise Hay and Evette Rose amongst others, so have many to compare it to. I have to say that I found this book very easy to read.

When it arrived in the post my first impression was that it looks good and isn’t too thick to read from cover to cover, which initially made me wonder about how in depth it would be. There are lots of great illustrations throughout the book, some as watermarks on pages or parts of page, which I found to be refreshing and helpful.

The idea of “24 lights inside you” based on an ancient Tibetan pulsing system was completely new to me, so I was very interested in the opportunity to investigate more.

I am aware that Tibet was the highest spiritual area of the planet for the last 13,000 years (until the transition on 21/12/12) so there would be some wisdom here, I was sure. I was very interested to read more about this in the appendix at the end of the book; the idea of iridology, sounding, music and toning really resonated well as I understand and respect the importance of working with these vibrations in order to facilitate healing.

One of my initial impressions was that the colours relating to areas of the body on the back cover were not all familiar correlations for me in my work with chakras. Fascinated, I moved into the body of the book.

The chapters are set out in a really good way and the layout of the text makes it easy to refer to quickly. 24 sections related to organs and parts of the body. I decided to use some of my friends, family and clients’ ‘issues’ as a guide for me to see how accurate the various chapters were.

One of my family members has advanced Parkinson’s Disease, so I read up about the Brain and Pons centres first. A lot of what was written here resonated for me; with further reading I came to understand that many conditions are caused by imbalance in more than one or two areas. I guess an experienced practitioner would be able to diagnose this more with the use of iridology (as stated at the end of the book).

When I read about other imbalances and suggested reasons for them, I realized that there was something in this Tibetan Pulsing thing and quickly read on.

Anna sets out clear symptoms of imbalance in the areas she highlights, and provides easy ways to start to change your internal programme in order to begin the healing process on a vibrational level. I often find that a simple word or phrase can trigger a release and then healing with my clients and this is no exception…the words used are thought provoking and helpful.

I like the relevance of famous quotes, reminding us of the wisdom that we have always had and also the description of affirmations as ‘switching channels’. What a refreshing way of describing that shift!  I found these and the mudras to be a quick and easy way to re-programme my emotions, and found myself trying them out as I read, realizing the impact on my physical and emotional bodies. I have been a student of yoga for many years so immediately ‘felt’ the impact of these.

I found that I did have to refer to the index a bit to discover where the different centres were as they don’t seem to flow with an understandable order in the book, but this did nothing to spoil my enjoyment of reading it generally.

The meditations are quick, simple and well explained, and I loved the sounding connection of each letter of the alphabet which was yet another new connection for me, and mostly very good.

Anna writes beautifully; I especially like the way that the book is written in the 1st person…”we find ourselves…” which for me acknowledges that we are all going through these experiences and not sounding at all egotistical or preaching.

The layout impressed me, especially the keywords of imbalance/balance etc in grey boxes to make them stand out and easy to refer to. Many books are very wordy meaning that a highlighter pen or tabs are necessary if you want to remember the key points…not so here.

One thing I didn’t really ‘get’ was the part on the title page of each area relating to country, animal, colour, movie and music connections. I understand that there’s a bit of a theme, but is she suggesting that we use them as healing tools? No real explanation given. Maybe that’s just me and something need to explore further.

She includes many additional emotional connections to organs and body areas, previously not spoken about by other psycho-neuro immunology books. I found this to be mind-expanding and most things again resonated with me.

I am the fortunate position of being able to draw on a huge database of experiences with different types of people whom I have treated regularly and have come to know very well.  I used my memory base to read about each area, and relate the information to people I know or have known who have had an issue with the connected body part.

For instance, I am thinking of a person with asthma and the lung imbalance. Some of what she says made sense to me but other parts didn’t make so much. Obviously, this didn’t mean it to be wrong, so I am opening my mind and learning. I had previously always connected this area with suppressed grief but Anna’s description widened my perception.

The description of the Tibetan Pulsing system at the end of the book is so interesting. It seems to incorporate acupressure and a sensitive approach from an intuitive, although I am still unsure as the physical work that the practitioner would use. I see that iridology is used to help with diagnosis; the relationship to a client’s birth chart and current planetary alignments is also taken into consideration. I loved to the concise case studies and results, also the clients’ views, results and impressions as they describe their personal experiences and the resulting life changes.

By the time I had reached the end of the book I was compelled to discover more about this system and was pleased to find some suggested websites which I looked at and decided I really need to try this for myself. I highly recommend exploring Anna’s refreshing book to therapists and those interested in improving their wellbeing.

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