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Infant Massage - A handbook for loving parents

by Vimala McClure

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[Image: Infant Massage - A handbook for loving parents]

Some years ago I taught parenting skills to a group of mothers.

The skills were directed at nursery and reception class children, i.e. 3-5 year olds. We laughed, even cried on some occasions when our new parenting skills didn't go accordingly to plan.

At least we had the reassuring comfort blanket of each other's company, and the little triumphs and mini disasters in our aim to be good parents.

So what was available before, when I was a nervous first time mum?

How I wish I had been aware of the gentle teachings of Vimala McClure.

During pregnancy, I read lots of information on what was happening to my body; I cannot recall much input on what was happening to baby. Vimala McClure covers these aspects in detail and she asks if babies can be spoiled with love. She goes on to say neglect rather than attention spoils a child - simple and profound.

So what is the book about ?

It tells of research at the University of Miami Medical Centre that has shown remarkable results.

In one study, babies at the centre who were massaged three times a day for fifteen minutes averaged a greater weight gain per day and were more active and alert. They showed more neurological development than infants who did not receive massage.

Vimala McClure talks about equipping children to cope with growing up in society.

She states that the ability to relax is a tremendous asset - if acquired early in life it becomes built into our children's body systems, along with the antibodies that protects them from disease.

This woman talks my kind of language - that touch is such a powerful communicator.

The actual massage sequences are well documented The author has thought of just about everything, all the ailments that a baby may suffer with and has covered them comprehensively. She also discusses babies with special needs, 'active crawlers' through to adolescence.

I feel that Mrs McClure has limitless emphatic understanding - she writes about the difficulties of being a teenage parent in a gentle motherly way.

I must re-iterate my wistfulness in not knowing about Vimala McClure when my children were young. There is not a lot I can do about it now; however I can and will recommend it to mothers, baby massage instructors and health visitors.

Jenny Lester
Souvenir Press Ltd

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