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Energy Medicine The Scientific Basis

by James L Oschman

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With a BSc in biophysics, a PhD in biology and several postdoctorate research fellowships, the author is well qualified to write a truly pioneering book that collates research-based evidence to support the concept of the body as an interconnected web of informational vibrations and frequencies. Spectral analysis shows that molecules interact through their 'fingerprints' of opposite charge and resonant field frequencies; the 'lock and key' of mechanical analogy is useful but obsolete. Cells are highly structured, electrically charged entities that can be modelled as solid state electronic systems. Their frequency 'windows' can be tuned to receive incoming signals, amplify instructions through enzyme cascades, and respond as frequency transmitters. Cytoskeleton arrays project from the cell surface into the surrounding medium to sense its changing properties and react accordingly. At microscopic level, the collagen sheet fibres that hold the body together are comprised of triple helical collagen fibrils. These fibrils are enclosed by thin sheaths of 'bound' water molecules and act as a network of proton conducting pathways throughout the body, connecting everywhere to everywhere else in a communication network. These molecular arrays of collagen fibres, with their 'liquid crystalline' semiconductor properties, also generate the piezoelectric potentials that act as a self regulating signal system, telling body cells where to strengthen, and modify musculo-skeletal tissues in response to mechanical stress.

The whole body is continually swept by a wide range of electrical and magnetic field frequencies generated by the brain, the heart, and the striated and smooth muscle systems. The 3-5 Watts contractile power of the heart, for example, sends rhythmical electrical potentials flowing along the vascular system, and generates pulsing magnetic fields that can be detected some 4 metres distant from the body. Concepts of tuning, resonance, and frequency entrainment apply to the informational interaction between cells, organs, and tissues. Health, trauma, and disease can be interpreted in energy frequency profiles, and there is a branch of electro-medicine, known as bioresonance therapy, which both diagnoses and treats on this basis. In sum, the body hums with bioelectric currents, electromagnetic fields, frequencies, vibrations, and energies in endless interaction – the living matrix.

The three main branches of physical therapy – tissue manipulation, electrotherapy, and exercise – all interact with the living matrix, and concepts based upon energy medicine research add a needed dimension to our understanding of their effects. Most of the complementary or bioenergy therapies regarded as 'fringe' by orthodoxy, are founded upon energy medicine concepts and research. Dr Oschman reviews many of them, including acupuncture, healing, homeopathy, myofascial release, magnetotherapy, and vibrational medicine. With a foreword by Candace Pert, of psycho-neuroimmunology fame, this book of 16 chapters, with titles such as 'Measuring the fields of life' 'The circuitry of the body' 'Therapeutic entrainment' 'Gravity, structure, and emotions' and 'The electromagnetic environment', presents complementary therapists of whatever speciality with a host of fascinating and clinically relevant insights into 'the living matrix' of body and mind. Some interpretations of the data are provocative and controversial, but that is the excitement of 'cutting edge' research and speculation. It really is a 'must' for your bookshelf, as there is not another book like it.

Robert Charman
Churchill Livingstone

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