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Endometriosis: A Holistic Healing Guide

by Tammy Lorraine Majchrzak

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[Image: Endometriosis: A Holistic Healing Guide]

This is a true and honest account of one woman sharing her own journey in healing, dealing with and overcoming many symptoms of endometriosis. The purpose, to produce a simple yet detailed holistic guide and framework for sufferers of Endometriosis, PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and associated symptoms.

Endometriosis, literally translated from Greek as a ‘problem inside the uterus or womb’ presents an exhaustive list of physical symptoms from inflammation, cysts and adhesions and as with physical disease, the associated emotional symptoms from depression to social isolation. This book takes you through a journey from these symptoms, signs and possible procedures to practical ways that can reduce them. Both mind and body are addressed in this holistic guide, with great emphasis on the power of the mind and emotions, as well as the practical and alternative routes to ease the symptoms.

The book is written in an extremely relaxed and informal manner, as if your best friend was offering advice. The feeling of the author’s own pain and frustration in her struggle can at times be felt. This style of writing, can provide just the nourishment that may be needed when we feel that no one knows exactly what we are experiencing or feeling. However, this is one woman’s story, so it is important to remember that the advice, although extremely good, does not always appear to be presented from a strictly professional point of view. I highly recommend seeking appropriate professional advice before commencing a change in diet, taking new supplements or alternative products.

The author does reinforce that this book was written to be a simple guide, omitting technical names, and reinforcing that she is not a GP. Interesting and important facts are included, and can assist the reader to understand the essentials associated with this specific condition. For some this is comforting to be given the sweet without the wrapping; however, for those craving the fuller picture of detailed medical knowledge and diagrams, this guide could act as a perfect balance alongside the western medical text book.

Used as a springboard to find other alternative treatments, therapies and techniques, which are right for you in your own journey with endometriosis, this book can be the encouragement needed.

This book can provide hope. Sometimes that is enough to assist an individual to make positive changes, so works on all levels assisting the sufferer of such conditions.

As a Psychologist, I always allow individuals to understand their emotional reactions and responses in the healing of physiological conditions. This book touches upon this subject well, with restructuring the thoughts and emotions towards a more positive outlook, an important chapter for those new to the mind and body interconnection.

The majority of the book is using techniques of Yoga, Posture, Breathing, Visualisation and knowledge of the system from a yogic perspective. After reading the book, I imagined that Tammy is a very empathic and understanding Yoga teacher of which her own experiences have assisted. The book presents the yogic information, techniques and exercises in an easily digestible manner. Wider reading on topics such as Yoga are always advised to understand the fuller picture, but a book like this can assist those shy of exploration of Yoga, into its simplest and subtle benefits.

The author highlights pursuing Yoga as a healing modality in itself, which is extremely important, as in the west the many dimensions of Yoga have been lost, as its commercial status has increased. Postures and exercises are described clearly and concisely, allowing the reader to follow. Perhaps some of the more dynamic exercises, including the salutations would be a little too complicated to master for the complete beginner, and would require attending Yoga classes for full understanding. Although not a glamorous book, its black and white photographs provide the realness that is needed to make the reader feel the postures are possible.

Diet and nutrition are addressed with regard to avoiding food and drink, which may exaggerate or irritate symptoms. Alternative and supplementary advice is given, along with a little common sense and awareness of what is consumed.

Healing can be a journey in itself. This book touches upon many ideas, from self healing, visualisations, reducing stress and creating a diary to monitor benefits and changes in the condition, as the author states, it is to show you a little of what is on offer to help you, and it does that.

For an individual with endometriosis, I would recommend this book. Whether you are looking for an alternate treatment to the GP route, encouragement, support or an insight into your body’s own natural rhythms and cycle, it will provide you with simple answers and a head start. If you are after beneficial tools or techniques, exercises or lifestyle improvements, there are sure to be some aspects of this book that resonate with you. If the author has highlighted one important issue in this book, it is her testament to other sufferers to take positive and achievable steps towards healing the self in mind and body.

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