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Don't Think Of An Elephant: How to take control of your life using the Mace Method

by Dr John HJ Mace PhD

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[Image: Don't Think Of An Elephant: How to take control of your life using the Mace Method]

Have you tried to apply the principles of Cosmic Ordering but given up because it doesn’t seem to work for you? Then this book may provide the missing piece of the jigsaw…

The culmination of 50 years of research into how we function as Energy Beings, Don’t Think Of An Elephant introduces us to Dr John Mace’s philosophy of ‘Causism’, his radical view of how the mind works and why we fail to be in control of our lives and live our dreams.

We know we are perfect spiritual beings, but we still struggle. Why? Because in order to cope with life’s difficulties we create Negative Identities. These can be limiting beliefs such as “I’m stupid,” “I’m worthless,” or the coping mechanisms we adopt with certain people, or persistent negative emotions such as fear and anger. The Identities are created in moments of ‘upset’ and are a combination of the feeling that has overwhelmed us during the upset and the judgement that we make about ourselves as a result. These identities stay with us as energy blips or ridges in our energy field. We don’t consciously know that they are there but we incorporate them into who we are and proceed to live through these Identities whenever circumstances trigger them.

The Law of Attraction states that ‘like attracts like.’ so if you have a hidden Negative Identity which is a belief that you don’t deserve the happiness and abundance that you seek, then a lack of those things is exactly what manifests in your reality. So it is vital to remove that Negative Identity.

Dr Mace shares his personal story and gives details of the Mace Method – his technique for locating and dis-creating Negative Identities, but this is not a self-help book. The Mace Method is a quick, simple and painless process but it does require the presence of an objective helper, either a trained practitioner or someone who is familiar with the Method, in order to dis-create the Identities.

During a consultation, the Mace Method practitioner asks you to go to an upset and identify the feeling that overwhelmed you at that point. You are then asked what negative decision you made about yourself as a result of this feeling.

For example: If you have a memory of being left alone, even momentarily, as a child, this may have produced a feeling of abandonment and an associated judgement that you are unlovable. These two identities would stay with you throughout your life, and every time you experienced a situation which resonated with them, these identities would influence your response to it. John Mace describes this as your ‘ruin’.

Having discovered these identities, the Mace Method practitioner then takes you through a series of standard visualization processes to dis-create them. During the visualization processes, the images produced by the subconscious may seem to make no sense at all, but this is not an intellectual process and it is not necessary to find some symbolic meaning in the images. What is more important is that it becomes very apparent from the size of the images and how overwhelming they feel, just how much energy you have been inadvertently giving them and how much power they are exerting over you. As the identities are dis-created, you may feel a profound sense of relief and because they are also removed from your energy field they can no longer be triggered and affect your behaviour. In addition, they no longer attract the negative situations that triggered them because that particular vibration is no longer operating in your
energy field. This leaves you free to attract more of what you want into your life, without hidden interference!

As a result of the huge social changes and the shift in consciousness which are currently occurring, many people are facing significant challenges in their relationships. Mace Method can be helpful in this area too, as it also offers a powerful process for repairing relationships and removing old patterns of relating which are unhelpful and limiting.

The book includes numerous testimonials illustrating how the Mace Method has made a profound difference to peoples’ lives, in situations as diverse as depression, addictions and spiritual awareness. In the words of John Mace “The only thing impeding a person’s dreams and aspirations are negative identities. The fewer negatives a person has buried away, the greater the chance of success and happiness in life, and the greater the chance of living his or her dreams.”

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