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Compassionate Coaching: How to heal your life & make miracles happen

by by Arielle Essex

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This book is very well written, and is a very worthwhile read. It is a much-needed addition to books in the Coaching arena. Coaching books often miss out on the negative aspects of working with a client and look primarily at priorities, tasks and goals. This book has much more depth.

Right from the start it encourages the reader to ‘Dare to Dream’. We are all in the process of self-actualization, but more and more people are waking up to this, and wanting to live their lives to the full. Asking themselves: what is really possible?

Each chapter has a brilliant summary that grounds the chapter content in a dynamic way. The ‘life work’ is unusually usable with summary exercises to actually implement into your life. Implementing changes into your life is always the key, and these exercises are clear and easy to follow. Remember, the definition of insanity is to keep on doing the same things and to expect different results.

What is your Gift is a beautifully written chapter that will encourage you to look at your qualities. This is a process that will almost always raise your self-esteem, because it avoids you comparing yourself to others.

There is very little in regard to you looking to change your life for the better that the author misses. It is an enjoyable read, but it is also very practical. Arielle has obviously been through her own process and worked hard to connect to her own heart. She communicates herself, her depth and substance through the pages so well. It is in getting a sense of where the author is, as a person, and that you too can attain where she is, with work, that may be the book’s most valuable message.

Why is it that exercises and books like this were not given out when I was in school?

As a personal development/coaching book it is unusually great. In my experience, for this reason…

Many books and courses, and films like The Secret are missing the negative aspects of ourselves that we need to ‘work through’. The blocks to our creativity and abundance that so many of us have: our fears, (due to possibly the lack of positive parenting at present). However, Arielle’s book looks at the core issues and negative aspects/emotions that so many of us do have. She has ‘worked through’ these aspects of herself well, I suspect, and has had quite a journey herself as her depth is inspiring.

If I could make one honest comment, (that I make to many of the books that I read that are either coaching or personal development-based) it would be this...

EFT is the missing link to abundance. Please work with an experienced practitioner if you really want to change your life for the better.

I have been working with clients for many years now. I came across Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) just over 2 years ago and since using them in my practice with clients, I have become much, much more effective as a coach and therapist, and my clients are changing their lives with much more success and ease. EFT can also be used in between sessions and so encourages clients to actually get into the habit of actually working on themselves.

Although Compassionate Coaching misses what I feel is the most important missing element: EFT, it is an excellent read and I would recommend doing the exercises in each chapter.

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Anthony Aurelius

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