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Colour Healing Manual - The Complete Colour Therapy Programme

by Pauline Wills

listed in light and colour

[Image: Colour Healing Manual - The Complete Colour Therapy Programme]

Pauline's healing method has evolved from techniques taught at the Maitrey a School of Colour Healing, and is now being taught by the Oracle School of Colour. As such it might interest those practising the Therapeutic Touch or Reiki.

Part of this course is designed to help students to heighten their colour sensitivity and to appreciate and understand colour at all its many levels.

Pauline likens colour to a large tree, the darkness at its roots meeting the light as it travels up the trunk. Each colour splits into its many shades to form the branches, with shades of red at the base of the branches gradually changing with the spectrum until they reach the violet light in the upper.

This can be linked with ourselves in our physical and spiritual aspects, or with the various pathways which we take throughout our lives.

The Scientific nature of light is clearly explained from Newton to Max Planck and Einstein. The electromagnetic spectrum with the wavelengths of colours are given in manometers, and there is an explanation of the working of the physical eye in perceiving colour.

There is a thought-provoking section on the characteristics of colours with information on their history and uses for healing. With regard to illness, Pauline believes that we have all come to a point in our history when we need to truly look at ourselves in order to eradicate the old thought forms and genetic traits which are preventing the full functioning of the chakras which regulate the flow of prana. It is through the chakras that light and power from the sun are brought to the etheric body, and it is through the etheric body that our health is generated.

There are beautiful drawings of the seven major chakras, with their Sanskrit names. The number of petals attributed to them corresponds to the speed of vibration of light.

Their colours, where they are found on the body, and what can go wrong when they are out of balance, is explained.

Colour therapy is administered either by a colour therapy instrument or through contact healing. The overall colour, the most important colour, can be found by dowsing, kinesiology, or by dowsing with a spine chart.

Diseases and their probable metaphysical causes are listed. There is a useful chapter on protection and cleansing, which is often left out of other books, and is so important that I feel it should come first.

Scientists are researching the effects of hands-on healing on animals, children and adults. Studies have shown that those receiving contact healing have improved their levels of health considerably

Professor Robert Becker, an American orthopaedic surgeon has shown that the auric field around people contains a unique intelligence that controls growth, development and health of cells and tissue. Together with other scientists he has proved that the body is animated by a complex web of electrical energy, and has worked with various techniques including contact healing to enhance this. When given healing, the immune, endocrine and nervous systems are strengthened. He says that the body uses electrical control systems and the flow of these currents produces externally measurable magnetic fields. He believes that in the interaction between healer and patient this system is reinforced so that the body returns to normal balance. The healer is able to do this through the frequencies of colour.

There is a clear and detailed description of how to apply the colour healing touch, complete with diagrams.

The second method of working is with a colour therapy instrument as prescribed through a spine chart. The treatment takes twenty minutes so that the patient absorbs colour through their eyes and skin. It is important that this is done by a qualified colour practitioner, because light is very powerful.

This is an invaluable book for anyone working in the field of colour therapy or hands-on healing. It is not the only method of colour healing but I feel it would be supportive and informative for other methods also.

This excellent book is for training therapists, and qualified therapists would find it useful on their book shelves, It is not for beginners, and Pauline suggests that they should first read her introductory book, A Piatkus Guide to Colour Healing, (Piatkus 1999).

This book can be ordered from the Positive Health bookstore. Please click the Bookshop image at the top of the column to your right, then click on Colour Therapy.

Megan Wingfield
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