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Alexander's Guide to Harmonising Gender Discordance

by Alexander Barrie

listed in psychospiritual

[Image: Alexander's Guide to Harmonising Gender Discordance]

Alexander's Guide to Harmonising Gender Discordance is an esoteric, spiritual work. described as a "Pantheistic, Political Philosophy". It is a collection of well researched. wide ranging and often witty observations about Life; in particular the difference between the Masculine and Feminine elements thereof. Alexander does point out though that the attributes discussed do not necessarily correspond with the attributes of male and female gender!

The book is enhanced by beautiful images called 'Mandalas' created by Alexander's colleague Barry Stevens, and like the book itself, inspired by eastern philosophy.

Alexander's thesis is that until the Thirteenth century, the English language assigned gender to words. Gradually though the neutral form was introduced, particularly in legal parlance; maybe to make the law more accessible, maybe because of an increase of other cultures in England. Whatever the reason, unlike continental languages, in English gender usage  has largely disappeared, and with it, the awareness of the complementary nature of masculine and feminine aspects of creation. Through commentary on many fields of life including science, religion, law, astronomy, astrology, music and medicine, Alexander demonstrates how this has led to an oppositional, contradictory view of life. On his own admission, he comes to some fairly depressing conclusions, considering that the world would be a better place if this had not happened.

I wish I had the intellectual capability seriously to comment on Alexander's observations. The book needs to be read several times to fully absorb its content, as parts of it are quite obscure; but it also includes lighter touches in the form of quotations by eminent people. I was particularly amused by one from Dame Rebecca West. "There is, of course, no reason for the existence of the male sex except that sometimes one needs help with moving the piano". I can also confirm that ships are always regarded as feminine; my father was in the Royal Navy.

I have found Alexander's Guide to be a most interesting, challenging and thought provoking book, full of knowledge and spiritual insights. 1 thoroughly recommend it to the serious reader.

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