Research: YONG and colleagues,

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YONG and colleagues, Acupuncture Research Clinic (ARC), AngMo Kio Community Hospital, Singapore report their initial experience with acupuncture treatment at their Acupuncture Research Clinic.



1128 patients received a total of 12,172 acupuncture treatment sessions between September 1995 and December 1996. Most patients had either painful conditions (58%) or stroke-related dysfunction (23%). Amongst the painful conditions, arthritis (25%), low backpain (22%) and other musculo-skeletal pain (12%) were the most common. Prior to their treatment, about 75% of patients believed that acupuncture would benefit them and 40% had tried acupuncture previously.


Following completion of treatment, 70% of all patients considered acupuncture safe, 54% were satisfied with the overall result, 51% felt acupuncture was beneficial, and 54% would recommend acupuncture to others with similar conditions. Within a subgroup of patients treated for painful conditions, >90% reported improvement. Near-syncope (sudden loss of strength, often caused by reduced cerebral circulation) occurred in 2 patients or during 2 treatment sessions. There were no other acupuncture-related complications.


The preliminary clinical experience demonstrated that acupuncture is safe, and appeared to be beneficial to patients with painful conditions. The authors present an overview of acupuncture treatment, and discuss issues of safety, efficacy the need to conduct randomised controlled clinical trials.


Yong D et al. Acupuncture treatment at Ang Mo Kio Community Hospital a report on our initial experience. Singapore Medical Journal 40(4): 260-4. Apr 1999.

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