Research: WEN and COLLEAGUES,

Listed in Issue 189


WEN and COLLEAGUES,  Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion Association, Beijing. analyzes, explores and discusses the sustainable and coordinated development of acupuncture science.


Through combing the academic development of acupuncture in recent ten years, objectively reflects the real development status of acupuncture subject on these aspects such as basis, clinic, equipment, teaching and standardization, etc., shows the scientific and technological achievements and the highlights of the acupuncture academic development, analyzes the bottleneck and dilemma of the acupuncture academic development.


It is indicated that there are several problems existed in acupuncture researche at present, such as the scale and the input of the acupuncture theory research are not enough, the basic research and clinical application is disjointed, the correlation between the acupoints and viscera need more systematic and further researches, the design level of clinical research on acupoints' main indications should be improved.


From now on we should follow the inherent rule of the traditional theory of Chinese medicine and the way of integrated thinking, explore the new rule of acupuncture academic development, in order to fit the new historical period, and comprehensively promote the sustainable and coordinated development of acupuncture science.



Wen BL, Jia CS, Liu WH, Yang YQ, Wang LL, Yang HY, Wu XD, Shen XY, Xu P, Zhao JS, Liu JL, Cheng K and Zhu WZ. [Thinking about academic development of acupuncture and moxibustion in recent ten years]. [Chinese]. Zhongguo Zhenjiu. 29(12): 949-54, Dec 2009.

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