Research: WALACH and colleagues,

Listed in Issue 66


WALACH and colleagues, Department of Environmental Medicine and Hygiene, University Hospital Freiburg, Germany, followed up patients who had taken part in a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of classical homeopathy on chronic headaches to determine the long-term effects 1 year later .


Little is known about the long-term effects of homeopathic treatment.


All 98 patients enrolled in the double-blind study were sent a 6-week headache diary and a follow-up questionnaire. 87 patients returned questionnaires and 81 returned diaries.


There was no additional change from the end of the trial to the 1-year follow-up. The improvement seen at the end of the 12-week trial was maintained at 1 year.


The investigators concluded that approximately 30% of patients in homeopathic treatment will benefit after 1 year of treatment, and there was no indication of a specific or delayed effect of homeopathy.


Walach H et al. The long-term effects of homeopathic treatment of chronic headaches: 1 year follow up. Cephalalgia 20 (9): 835-7. Nov 2000.

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