Research: TRICHARD and others,

Listed in Issue 98


TRICHARD and others, Laboratoire BOIRON, 20 rue de la Liberation, Sainte-Foy Les-Lyon 69 110, France,, have carried out a study of the practice of homeopathic general practitioners in France.


Little is known about the practice of homeopathic GPs in France. This descriptive, cross-sectional study aimed to acquire an idea of the type of patients who consult homeopathic GPs, and the type of treatment provided by such GPs.


A survey was carried out on a representative sample of the homeopathic GP population in France and covered three seasons of the year. Data was collected by means of a questionnaire that GPs completed for each consulting patient.


Patients who consult homeopathic GPs are chiefly women between the ages of 20 and 54, living in an urban environment, and not in employment. The most common reasons for consultation were ENT disorders, stress and anxiety. The homeopathic GPs mainly used homeopathy to treat these disorders. On average, four medicinal products per patient were prescribed per 2-month course of treatment at an average reimbursed cost of 3.78 Euros.



Trichard M, Lamure E, Chaufferin G. Study of the practice of homeopathic general practitioners in France. Homeopathy 92 (3): 135-139, Jul 2003.

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