Research: TOTH and FABIAN TIBOR,

Listed in Issue 141


TOTH and FABIAN TIBOR, Semmelweis Egyetem, Fogpotlastani Klinika, Budapest, Hungary, have reviewed (40 references) relaxation techniques in dentistry.

Abstract: In the field of dentistry the increasing number of patients who are likely to somatize psychological distress justify the introduction of psychological treatment methods. In this review, the authors try to collect the main points of the theoretical background and clinical principles of relaxation techniques. Some aspects of the concept of mental hygiene are also discussed to help dental professionals working in the field of general and psychosomatic dentistry orient themselves in this interesting and important field.






Toth Z, Fabian Tibor K. Relaxation techniques in dentistry. Fogorvosi Szemle 99 (1): 15-20, Feb 2006.

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