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TIAN and colleagues, Maternity and Child Health Institute, Changqing 400013, China studied the effect of a Chinese herbal medicine for replenishing Kidney combined with acupuncture in treating anovulation and infertility, and the relationship between the medicine’s ovulation-inducing effect and endometrial levels of estradiol receptors (ER) and progesterone receptors (PR).



29 patients were treated with Kidney-replenishing medicine combined with acupuncture for 1 to 3 months. Endometrial ER and PR levels were measured by immunohistochemistry. Patients were grouped according to PR levels into either a ‘PR-positive’ group or a ‘mild PR- positive’ group.


15 patients in the ‘PR-positive’ group completed treatment for 45 [menstrual] cycles. Among these, 40 cycles showed ovulation, the ovulation rate 88.9%. 10 of 14 cases who were previously infertile became pregnant, pregnancy rate 71.4%. 11 patients in the ‘mild PR-positive’ group, 9 of whom were previously infertile, completed treatment for 33 cycles. Of these, 10 cycles showed ovulation (ovulation rate 30.3%) and 2 of the previously infertile 9 patients became pregnant (pregnancy rate 22.2%). The differences between the ‘PR-positive’ and the ‘mild PR-positive’ groups were significant (p<0.01).


A Chinese herbal medicine for replenishing Kidney combined with acupuncture treatment, as applied in this study, was successful for treating infertility due to anovulation in 12 of 26 patients who completed treatment for between 33 and 45 menstrual cycles. The combined treatment was particularly effective in patients (10 out of 15) who initially had high endometrial PR levels.


Tian D et al. (Study on relationship between ovulation inducing effect of drug-acupuncture and endometrial contents of estradiol receptor and progesterone receptor.) Zhongguo Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Za Zhi 18 (4): 225-6. Apr 1998.


The results of the above research are highly interesting and hopefully will be followed up by clinicians internationally.

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