Research: TAKEICHI and SATO,

Listed in Issue 64


TAKEICHI and SATO, Department of Psychiatry, Saga Medical School, Japan examined the possibilities that ill-health, lifestyle illness and stress-related disease are a clinical expression of the ‘anxiety-affinitive constitution’.


Previously, the researchers used visual observation of the sublingual vein (which, according to Oriental psychosomatic research, can give early indication of vital energy stagnation and blood stasis) for diagnostic purposes. They developed the concept of the ‘anxiety-affinitive constitution’, based on unbalanced Qi, blood and body fluid in ill health, as a causative factor for stress-related diseases and life-style illnesses. The present study develops this concept through the diagnosis and treatment of functional subclinical psychosomatic disorders.


The study involved 197 medical school students with a diagnosis of functional subclinical psychosomatic disorders (ill health).


The researchers found that the trait ‘anxiety’, forming the core of the ‘anxiety-affinitive constitution’, was linked to Dr. Lester Breslow’s 7 good health habits and the manner of respiration. Treatment of functional subclinical psychosomatic disorders in 8 medical students with kampo medication and, in particular, relaxation training (RT) produced lower scores for STAI-trait anxiety and transformed respiration from a thoracic pattern to a balanced thoracic and abdominal pattern. A high score for anxiety trait correlated with the formation of inappropriate health habits and habituation of inadequate (thoracic pattern) respiration.


The researchers concluded that individuals with an anxiety-affinitive constitution will develop lifestyle illness or stress-related diseases unless their constitution is improved with kampo medication and/or RT.


Takeichi M, Sato T. Studies on the psychosomatic functioning of ill-health according to Eastern and Western medicine. 4. The verification of possible links between ill-health, lifestyle illness and stress-related disease. The American Journal of Chinese Medicine 28 (1): 9-24. 2000.

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