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STEINBEKK and FOENNEBOE, Department of Community Medicine and General Practice, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim, Norwaym, have surveyed users of homeopathy in Norway in 1998 and compared them to previous users and GP patients.


Homeopathy is the form of complementary medicine most frequently used in Norway. This study describes complaints and characteristics of users in 1998, comparing them with those who visited homeopaths in 1985 and GP patients.


A survey was conducted of 1097 patients visiting 80 Norwegian homeopaths in 1998. For comparison, a similar survey conducted in 1985 was used, and also a similar survey of GP patients conducted in 1989.


One in four patients who visited homeopaths in 1998 were children aged less than 10, compared to one in ten in 1985 and in general practice. Almost half of the patients in 1998 had previously used prescription drugs for the same complaint. In 1998 patients sought homeopathic treatment most often for respiratory and skin complaints. In 1985 the most common reasons were musculoskeletal and digestive problems. Four of the five most common reasons for seeking treatment in 1998 were also found in the top five reasons for GP consultations.


Patients currently visiting homeopaths differ in age and to some extent in complaints compared to previous users and GP patients.


Steinsbekk A, Foenneboe V. Users of homeopaths in Norway in 1998, compared to previous users and GP patients. Homeopathy 92 (1): 3-10, Jan 2003.

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