Research: SINGH and colleagues,

Listed in Issue 95


SINGH and colleagues, Southern California University of Health Sciences, USA, have studied the effectiveness of the herb, Commiphora mukul, for osteoarthritis of the knee.


One of the ingredients most commonly found in Ayurvedic remedies for arthritis is guggul, an oleoresin extracted from the herb Commiphora mukul. Both preclinical and clinical studies have been performed to determine the activity of guggul for reduction of pain, stiffness, and improved function in osteoarthritis of the knee.


The study was conducted using an outcome, quasi-experimental model. 30 patients with osteoarthritis of the knee were enrolled and treated with Commiphora mukul in capsule form for 2 months at a does of 500 mg three times daily.


Participants showed significantly improved WOMAC (Western Ontario and MacMaster University scale) total scores after 1 month and continued to improve after 2 months. Pain was improved after 1 month, but mood was not significantly improved until 2 months into the treatment. No side effects were reported during treatment.


Commiphora mukul extract appears to be a relatively safe and effective supplement to reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis.


Singh BB, Mishra LC, Vinjamury SP, Aquilina N, Singh VJ, Shepard N. The effectiveness of Commiphora mukul for osteoarthritis of the knee: an outcome study. Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine 9 (3): 74-79, May-Jun 2003.

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