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SHU, School of Nursing, Chung San Medical University,, has researched the effects of using a crisis intervention programme on the psychosocial responses and coping strategies of women during in vitro fertilization.


Infertility and its treatment may cause life crises. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of a nursing crisis intervention programme on improving psychosocial functioning and enhancing coping strategies for women attending different stages of an In Vitro Fertilization V Embryo Transfer (IVF-ET) treatment programme.


Women attending the IVF-ET programme were randomly assigned to either experimental or control group. Women in the experimental group completed a questionnaire and received nursing crisis intervention at the initial stage of treatment, on day 3. This included viewing a video explaining the process of IVF-ET, self-hypnosis and muscle relaxation training, and provision of cognitive-behavioural counselling. The same questionnaire was completed at the stage of embryo transfer and before taking a pregnancy test. Women in the control group only completed the questionnaire at the same times as the experimental group but received no further nursing intervention.


ANOVA repeated measures showed that there were no statistically significant differences in the level of psychosocial responses between the experimental and control groups. However in terms of anxiety, confrontational problems, and isolated mind/body relaxation, there were significant differences between the groups. The women in the experimental group perceived a positive effect of the nursing intervention in relieving their psychosocial responses.


The results of this nursing crisis intervention could be useful in nursing practice when dealing with women attending IVF treatment.


Shu HL. Effects of using a nursing crisis intervention program on psychosocial responses and coping strategies of infertile women during in vitro fertilization. Journal of Nursing Research 11 (3): 197-208, Sep 2003.

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