Research: SEPHTON and others,

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SEPHTON and others, University of Louisville and James Graham Brown Cancer Center, Louisville, Kentucky 40202, USA,, have used mindfulness-based meditation in the treatment of fibromyalgia.


Depressive symptoms are common among patients with fibromyalgia. The aim of this study was to test the effects of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction intervention on depressive symptoms in patients with fibromyalgia.


This randomized controlled trial examined effects of the 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction intervention on depressive symptoms in 91 women with fibromyalgia who were randomly assigned to treatment (n = 51) or a waiting-list control group (n = 40). The sample averaged 48 years of age and had 14.7 years of education. The typical participant was white, married, and employed. Eight weekly 2.5-hour sessions were led by a licensed clinical psychologist with mindfulness training. Somatic and cognitive symptoms of depression were assessed using the Beck Depression Inventory administered at baseline, immediately post treatment, and at follow-up 2 months after the conclusion of the intervention. Change in depressive symptoms was assessed using slopes analyses of intervention effects over time.


Depressive symptoms improved significantly in treatment versus control participants over the 3 assessments.


This meditation-based intervention alleviated depressive symptoms among women with fibromyalgia.


Sephton SE, Salmon P, Weissbecker I, Ulmer C, Floyd A, Hoover K, Studts JL. Mindfulness meditation alleviates depressive symptoms in women with fibromyalgia: results of a randomized clinical trial. Arthritis & Rheumatism 57 (1): 77-85, Feb 15, 2007.

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