Research: SALAMON and others,

Listed in Issue 100


SALAMON and others, Neuroscience Research Institute, State University of New York at Old Westbury, New York 11568, USA, have reviewed (77 references) the mechanism by which music induces relaxation and downregulates stress processes and pathologies. Abstract: Music as a means of inducing good feelings and relaxation has been studied extensively by researchers. The precise mechanism has never been truly determined however. In this report, the authors propose that nitric oxide NO is the molecule that mediates all the positive effects of music. Furthermore, NO is required for the development of the very process that it mediates. It aids in the development of the auditory system and participates in cochlear blood flow. The article outlines the neurochemical pathways that lead to all these physiological and psychological effects.






Salamon E, Kim M, Beaulieu J, Stefano GB. Sound therapy induced relaxation: down regulating stress processes and pathologies. Medical Sciences Monitor 9 (5): RA96-RA101, May 2003.

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