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SAKALAUSKIENE, VsI Kauno Silainiu poliklinika. review [References: 58] research data and discuss evidence regarding treatment approaches for low back pain.


Low back pain is a global worldwide problem. A great attention is given to correction of this health status by a wide range of rehabilitation specialists.


Some single or integrated physical factors, physiotherapy, specific and nonspecific physical exercises, alternative methods of treatment, also the complex of multidisciplinary rehabilitation means are applied in the management of low back pain.


The evidence-based data are analyzed in order to identify which nonpharmacological means are effective in pain correction; in addition, the effectiveness of various methods and models of low back pain management are compared in this article.


Research data evaluating the impact effectiveness of single or integrated means of rehabilitation are very controversial. There are no evidence-based specific recommendations for the correction of this health status objectively assessing advantages of physiotherapy or physical factors and referring the definite indications of their prescription. It is thought that multidisciplinary rehabilitation is most effective in management of chronic low back pain. The positive results depend on the experience of a physician and other rehabilitation specialists. A patient's motivation to participate in the process of pain control is very important. It is recommended to inform a patient about the effectiveness of administered methods. There is a lack of evidence-based trials evaluating the effectiveness of nonpharmacological methods of pain control in Lithuania. Therefore, the greater attention of researchers and administrative structures of health care should be given to this problem in order to develop the evidence-based guidelines for an effective correction of low back pain. [References: 58]


Sakalauskiene G. [Nonpharmacological correction of low back pain by single or integrated means of medical rehabilitation and the evaluation of their effectiveness]. [Review] [58 refs] [Lithuanian]. Medicina (Kaunas, Lithuania). 45(9):739-49. 2009.

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