Research: ROSSI and ROSSI,

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ROSSI and ROSSI,, have asked: What is a suggestion?

Abstract: Neuroscience and bioinformatics research on activity-dependent gene expression and brain plasticity in memory and learning are used to reconceptualize a fundamental question of therapeutic hypnosis, "What is a suggestion?" John Kihlstrom's cognitive-behavioural perspective of implicit (unconscious) and explicit (conscious) memory and Eric Kandel's neurobiological research are integrated for a 30-year update of Milton H. Erickson's "neuro-psycho-physiology" of therapeutic hypnosis. Implicit processing heuristics are proposed as a more general framework for Erickson's concept of permissive indirect suggestions in therapeutic hypnosis and psychotherapy. These perspectives are illustrated by utilizing implicit processing heuristics to facilitate the four-stage creative process in converting implicit to explicit memory in a brain-damaged patient.






Rossi EL, Rossi KL. What is a suggestion? The neuroscience of implicit processing heuristics in therapeutic hypnosis and psychotherapy. American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis 49 (4): 267-281, Apr 2007.

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