Research: RODRIGO and colleagues,

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RODRIGO and colleagues, Laboratory of Renal Pathophysiology, Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology Program, Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Chile, Independencia 1027, Casilla, Santiago, Chile.  review [170 references] the clinical literature regarding the clinical use of antioxidants which they write has gained considerable interest during the last decade. It was suggested from epidemiological studies that diets high in fruits and vegetables might help decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease.



Therefore, supplements of vitamins C and E were applied through protocols aimed to prevent diseases such as atherosclerosis, preeclampsia or hypertension, thought to be mediated by oxidative stress. Despite the biological properties of these vitamins which could account for an effective protection, as shown by several clinical and experimental studies, their efficacy remains controversial in the light of some recent clinical trials and meta-analyses.


However, the methodology of these studies, criteria for selection of patients, the uncertain extent of progression of the disease when initiating supplementation, the lack of mechanistic studies containing basic scientific aspects, such as the bioavailability, pharmacokinetic properties, and the nature of the antioxidant sources of vitamins, could account for the inconsistency of the various clinical trials and meta-analyses assessing the efficacy of these vitamins to prevent human diseases.


This review presents a survey of the clinical use of antioxidant vitamins E and C, proposing study models based on the biological effects of these compounds likely to counteract the pathophysiological mechanisms able to explain the structural and functional organ damage.


Rodrigo R,  Guichard C, and Charles R. Clinical pharmacology and therapeutic use of antioxidant vitamins. Fundamental & Clinical Pharmacology.  21(2):111-27. Apr  2007.

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