Research: ROBINSON and colleagues,

Listed in Issue 42


ROBINSON and colleagues, Catholic Health Partners, Chicago, IL USA write that psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) is the study of the interrelationships among behaviour, neural and endocrine function and the immune system, and studies the relationships among stress, physiological dysregulation and health outcomes .


Published research has documented the theory that emotional distress and the resulting neuroendocrine activation may induce suppression of the immune system, with significant implications for disease susceptibility and progression.



The authors explore the literature regarding HIV disease and its extensive immunological consequences within the framework of PNI. Within the context of HIV disease, potential physiological pathways which may mediate stress-induced dysregulation are identified, and key HIV-related PNI research are reviewed (56 references) and critically analysed. The authors also discuss implications for nursing practice and research.



Robinson FP et al. Stress and HIV disease progression: psychoneuroimmunological framework. J Assoc Nurses Aids Care 10(1): 21-31. Jan-Feb 1999.

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