Research: RAUB,

Listed in Issue 91


RAUB, National Center for Environmental Assessment, Research Triangle Park, NC 27711, USA,, has reviewed (75 references) the psychophysiological effects of Hatha Yoga on fitness parameters. Abstract: Yoga is increasingly popular as a means of exercise and fitness training. However it needs to be recognized more by health care professionals for a complement to conventional medical care rather than just a trendy leisure activity. Over the last 10 years, research studies have shown that the practice of Hatha Yoga improves strength and flexibility and may help control such parameters as blood pressure, respiration and heart rate, and metabolic rates. A summary of medically substantiated information about the health benefits of Yoga for healthy people and also for people with musculoskeletal or cardiac problems is provided.






Raub JA. Psychophysiologic effects of Hatha Yoga on musculoskeletal and cardiopulmonary function: a literature review. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 8 (6): 797-812, Dec 2002.

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