Research: RAMPES and colleagues, Ro

Listed in Issue 22


RAMPES and colleagues, Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital NHS Trust, London UK surveyed deans of British medical school to assess provision for complementary medicine in the curriculum for undergraduate medical students . The authors also questioned medical students at one medical school regarding their knowledge of and views on instruction in complementary medicine.




Although there is little education in complementary medicine at British medical schools, this is an area of active curriculum development. Levels of knowledge vary widely between different therapies. The majority of medical students want to learn about acupuncture, hypnosis, homoeopathy and osteopathy.


Complementary medicine instruction ought to be included in the medical undergraduate curriculum. This could be achieved without a great increase in the teaching of facts, which could serve as a vehicle to introduce broader issues, as recommended by the General Medical Council.


Rampes H et al. Introducing complementary medicine into the medical curriculum. J R Soc Med 90(1): 19-22. Jan 1997.

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