Research: PRLIC and others,

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PRLIC and others, Arthritis Research Centre of Canada, Vancouver, Canada, have studied the agreement among Ayurvedic practitioners in the diagnosis and therapy of inflammatory arthritis.


The study aimed to explore the consistency of approach between three Ayurvedic medicine experts on treatment for inflammatory polyarthritis.


Three experienced Ayurvedic practitioners were recruited. They independently assessed three patients with inflammatory polyarthritis for health status, treatment history, and lifestyle, conducted a physical examination, and then independently constructed a treatment plan. The patient examination order was randomized for each practitioner. Following completion of written treatment plans, a facilitated discussion among the three practitioners allowed them each to discuss all aspects of their therapeutic recommendations. The discussion was audio-taped and its contents analyzed.


All three practitioners agreed upon a unified Ayurvedic concept of disease origin, diagnosis, and treatment approach for each patient. Seven specific treatment groupings emerged: diet, exercise, relaxation, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, immune-enhancing, and detoxification/ cleansing. Based on the single visit, the three practitioners agreed in 17 or 21 treatment groups for the three patients.


Despite the reputation of Ayurvedic medicine for an individualized approach, the three practitioners agreed to a considerable extent. The identified Ayurvedic treatment approaches will be further investigated in a controlled clinical setting.


Prlic HM, Lehman AJ, Cibere J, Sodhi V, Varma S, Sukumaran T, Esdaile JM. Agreement among Ayurvedic practitioners in the identification and treatment of three cases of inflammatory arthritis. Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology 21 (6): 747-752, Nov-Dec 2003.

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