Research: PERSILY,

Listed in Issue 97


PERSILY, West Virginia University School of Nursing, Charleston, Wva 25304, USA,, has reviewed (34 references) the proposition that lay home visits may improve pregnancy outcomes.


Home visiting looks like a promising strategy to improve pregnancy outcomes. When this is done by lay workers, they may impact on social and environmental risk factors as well as on health care use. These programmes may be more successful if the responsibility is shared between the health care system and the community. The article aims to review the state of science related to lay home visits during pregnancy.


An exhaustive review of the literature was conducted using several large electronic databases.


Studies of lay home visits during pregnancy have mixed results. Many weaknesses exist in the available studies including use of descriptive or quasi-experimental designs, absence of clearly specified interventions, and lack of cost analysis.


Gaps remain in our knowledge of the impact of lay home visitors on pregnancy outcomes.


Persily CA. Lay home visits may improve pregnancy outcomes. Holistic Nursing Practice 17 (5): 231-238, Sep 2003.

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