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OHNISHI and OHNISHI have described the Nishino Breathing Method. Abstract: The breathing method, which was developed and is being taught by Kozo Nishino, a Japanese Ki-expert, is for raising the levels of Ki-energy (or Chi energy) of an individual. Many of his students have experienced an improvement in their health, and in some cases were able to overcome health problems. Since this is an interesting subject from the standpoint of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), the authors have been collaborating with Nishino to conduct a scientific investigation of his Ki-energy. It was found that Nishino's Ki-energy can inhibit cell division of cancer cells, protect isolated mitochondria from heat deterioration and reduce lipid peroxidation in heat-treated mitochondria. Although Ki-energy may consist of several different energy forms, the authors claim that at least one of them is near-infrared radiation between the wavelength range of 800 and 2700 nm. Another interesting observation is the paired Ki-practice. During this practice, Nishino can 'move' his students without any physical contact. Many of them run, jump or roll on the floor when they receive his Ki-energy. The authors propose that 'information' is conveyed through the air between two individuals by Ki-energy. This may be called a five senses-independent, life-to-life communication. All of these results suggest that the separation of mind and body, which has been a fundamental principle of modern science for the past three centuries, should be re-evaluated.






Ohnishi ST, Ohnishi T. The Nishino Breathing Method and Ki-energy (Life-energy): A Challenge to Traditional Scientific Thinking. Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine: eCAM 3 (2): 191-200, Jun 2006.


Extraordinary abilities of certain Masters in the Martial Arts, although difficult to explain in rational terms, have nevertheless been documented through films and videos. Science may have much to learn from such millennia-aged techniques.

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